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User Review

brave beast - Reviews Hohner Blues Harp MS

I bought my first BLUES HARP 20 years ago. They were hard to play real strainers. HOHNER I must say that the efforts made over the last model.
The frame is flat and fully painted 3 layers. Covers slide better. Blades seem better aligned at the factory. I like the SPECIAL 20 MARINE BAND DELUXE and but I prefer BLUES HARP for its ergonomics:
it is bigger, so you have more room for your fingers, and it has a nice sound "roots".
In addition, it is easy to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning or adjustment.
It is less powerful than a SP20 and a bit "harder" to play, say, need a good management of the air column. I do not recommend it for beginners for this reason. Blades are longer than the MB series, so maybe not ideal for overnotes. plates can be changed, they are not expensive. It avoids throwing harmonious and it's worth it because the mattress does not deform. To improve the ergonomics, I go hoods MEISTERKLASSE: super.
In summary: good for blues harmonica.