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Blues! All the way down by the riverside! - Reviews Hohner Blues Harp MS

Foreword: I have noticed the characteristics of this instrument very succinctly, but if someone can clarify, it makes fun!

So I use this harmonica for about 4 years. I had acquired for me to play Dylan and Young (my two models at the time) but the fact is that the tone of the major is, ultimately, little used by our two friends.
The harmonica is not an instrument that can easily lend it goes without saying that you can not really try it in the store.
But I had heard great things about the Hohner harmonica which are all hand crafted in Germany allegedly ... I would not check on the spot but given the overall quality of the instrument, I do not care! =)
It is a fairly simple instrument to play the major scale which corresponds, but it becomes much more rewarding when you get out of notes "bluesy". And this one lends itself perfectly!
The noble materials used and manufacturing internal defects leave shine! Wood, gold and intricate carvings on the hood! No plastic models as "souvenirs" found anywhere sold at € 2.

With experience, I would buy the model as one Do I have a plastic comb, giving its very dull.
But I can tell you, amateurs and professionals, you can rush over without any fear!