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User Review

Solid, but a little too - Reviews Hohner Blues Harp MS

I play the harmonica for several years, mainly blues, and I tested a lot of models of harmonica, but especially in hohner suzuki or lee harp.
The big advantage of the blues harp is that they are extremely strong harmonicas. I have a more than 6 years, and for some it is a bit maintained, it has not changed. The bends and other game effects have a tendency, on the marine band harmonicas as to the damaging and breaking the most requested strip (4th sucked for me).

on the other hand I find the sound of the blues harp a bit dull, dull, lacking in clarity. I also think, and this is the main problem, the notes tend to have trouble getting out. Sometimes the 3rd hole blown produce a sound that split second after I started blowing. It may be a problem with my technique, but I have this problem on any other harmonica (except for suzuki, which are yet harmonicas rather upscale).

I've long been a supporter since broke, these extremely durable harmonicas but I rather preferred the navy band so the sound is brighter and rounder notes mouths, more "controllables" decline.