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User reviews on Hartke AC products

Hartke ATK Bass Attack Pedal (Hartke - VXL Bass Attack)

By MGR/Robin Hurt , 28/11/2004
I bought this unit from Zzounds for $99.95.

If you can buy just one pedal for your bass guitar then this is the one to get.I couldn't believe how much it improved the tone of my Peavey T40 and all I did was to set the knobs on the Bass Attack to the first suggested setting in the manual.Incredible!

Most of the tones are very usable and totally smoke but if you turn up the overdrive too much-well there's always room for improvement.

Overall the unit is well-built-although I did have to glue a couple of caps on the knobs back on probably due to rough handling during shipment.

I promise-if you try this pedal out and set it to some of the suggested settings- you will not want to turn it off.It's a great pedal for recording also. It can be powered by phantom power and will really add a professional sound to your bass tracks.Go get it!

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Hartke VXL Bass Attack Pedal (Hartke - VXL Bass Attack)

By MGR/martinc, 12/02/2005
I was not satisfied with my tone. I saw several reviews about the Hartke bass pedal saying it was a good stuff, so I bought one from for 99 euros plus 15 euros shipping.

This unit provides really various and good tones. I have completely bypassed the preamplifier section of my combo and plug my bass into the pedal and then directly to the power amplifier section. The result is far better than with the original preampli.

This unit can do 4 things :
- DI box
- pre amplifier (with volume, bass, treble, mid ("shape"))
- distorsion effect
- tone selector (2 footswitches)
What I regret is that on stage or rehearsal it is difficult to perform a fast tone change because it is very difficult to see how the potentiometers are set and the "shape" function can be distinctively louder when engaged with a footswitch.

The box is made out of metal and looks strong enough to whistand the assaults of time and use. Inside it is neat and clean. Good old analogue components are used so it should not be too difficult to repair if needed. For my part I speak from experience since I received the unit with the "brite" potentiometer broken. It could not have been seen from the outside. The potentiometer was broken due to a misalignment with its dedicated hole in the box when the two parts of the box were closed. Hartke does not test the pedal after assembly...
This incident somewhat cooled down my enthousiasm. On top of this I must say that the user manual is under expectation. It lacks a diagram showing the relations between inputs, processes, switches, outputs, such as any mixing console provides. It lacks indication of impedance and levels for the inputs and outputs. It lacks indication of consumption on 9V supply. Last but not least, page 9 of the manual describes a setup which is impossible. I asked Hartke about this, and after two answers besides the point they decided to keep a prudent silence.

Today I don't know of any other pedal providing similar functions in this price range. The competitors are at least twice more expensive. The Hartke pedal can be used in many situations and provides very good tones. I would recommend a try to anyone who is not satisfied with its current sound or to anyone who needs one of the functions provided by this pedal.

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Hartke VXL Bass Attack Pedal (Hartke - VXL Bass Attack)

By MGR/Billy, 19/10/2010
The Hartke VXL pedal is black, probably the size of two Boss sized pedals side by side.

I need a DI box and a distortion pedal and this is both of those things in one. I bought it brand new at my local music shop for $89.00

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I like that that Hartke VXL can be used as either a preamp, a passive or active DI, and a distortion pedal. It packs that into one box, so I get to bring less to the gig. You can power this by a 9 volt battery, Zoom makes a power supply for it as well as I can used my One-Spot or my Godlyke Power All.

I do not like that when the pedal is bypassed in my signal the EQ is still active. This is no problem if this pedal is always on for you or if you are running it through a true bypass loop. But, hey it's a small price to pay compared to the cost of some of the similar pedals.

This thing is built in a tool metal casing. You wouldn't want to catch this pedal with your teeth! The knobs seem sturdy. The switches are OK, but could be better. I've had them stick once or twice, but the problem worked it self away.

Bottom Line is this is a great pedal packed with a ton of features for not a ton of money. Nothing will beat the sound of a cranked tube amp, but when you can't have that, this thing is a great substitute.

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Hartke AC150 (Hartke - AC150)

By MGR/Billy, 09/12/2010
Hartke is known for being at the top of their game in the bass world, many people don't realize they make guitar and keyboard amps as well. I was able to checkout the AC150 Acoustic Guitar Combo.

The initial brown tolex with the gold back plate makes it look like something classy you'd see in a cigar shop with a Do Not Touch sign on it.

My local shop got this in and I had to give it a test drive. Brand new they run $449.99. There aren't many companies doing the acoustic guitar amp, so the Hartke didn't have too much competition. I played it against a Marshall and Fender, but liked this the best. I was driving 4 5' speakers instead of one or two bigger drivers. In my opinion I think this cuts down on feedback, but since I have no scientific proof this could just be an old wive's tale.

The kickback design which is a popular design used on the Hartke bass combos was a big plus. This allows you to angle it properly so you aren't wasting energy or blowing out another band member with you guitar.

The controls were simple. It has about 100 digital effects which were easy to navigate through. The effects were subtle, so it wasn't like some amps where you wonder, 'Who the heck would use this?'

Another plus is the RCA jack in and the XLR in. I did not try these out, but this feature takes it from a guitar amp into the PA world. Plug an MP3 player or Mic into this and get down with your bad self.

The effects could have had a rate or depth knob for the price of this amp. A subtle chorus or reverb this isn't necessary, but I feel I could benefit more from the delay effects if I had a tap/tempo.

Well built. I feel I could bring it out to a bar gig, let it make some comments about another amp's girlfriend and survive a bar fight.

Knobs felt sturdy, I was able to crank the amp up without fear of blowing something up. There's a huge difference in gain between the Piezo and the Active inputs, so I got a nice chirp of feedback as an official explanation (why read the manual?)

If you are on the market for a good, loud acoustic amp with decent effects to boot, check out the AC150 by Hartke.

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