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Hartke B Combos

Hartke B600

User reviews on Hartke B Combos products

Hartke B30 Bass Combo (Hartke - B30)

By MGR/Anonymous, 27/06/2001
Purchased online from Zzounds Music. I needed a practice amp for late night use living room jams and church performances. Paid $100 (It was a Zzounds offer for a Trace Elliot that went out of stock - great service). Sells for around $130

This unit weighs 31 pounds and has a 10 speaker in a small cabinet. It is very portable and unobtrusively fits under desks and tables leaving usable space. 30 Watts. The sound is very good for practice and small group use. It works well backing ensembles at church. Separate passive and active inputs.

This unit will not fill a large room or compete with your drummer. If you need to gig under those conditions look elsewhere.Lightweight but solid construction.

Build quality is good no visible flaws. Hartke is well regarded for their professional combos.Great value for the money. A perfect fit for my initial use. If I gig I would need a larger more powerful unit like a Hartke Kickback or Ampeg.

Great features with good sound. Well built. Perfect fit in the practice amp category. Priced below the competition.

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Hartke B30 Bass Combo (Hartke - B30)

By MGR/L. Malinconico, 14/08/2001
I bought this amp to use as my very fist amp. I was basically looking for a beginers practice amp that had enough power to be used not only as a practice amp but to jam with my friends. I bought this amp at a local music dealer (Dave Phillips Music & Sound).I paid $160 for it.

This amp like others in the B series of hartke amps give the beginner or the advanced player with a variety of options. The B30 is probably the best beginner amp of this seriers because it give the player volume with its 10in. speaker and 30watts of power. It has a nice easy to control EQ settings too. It also comes with a quite a few sockets including, line out, headphone, an effects loop in, an effects loop out, and two input jacks (Passive and Active).

This unit, despite its rather powerful amp will start to break up and lose good tone once you get past 8 on the volume control. The amp also only has the three basic EQ settings(bass, mid, high), which may be fine for some players. But for those who might use pedals, having that fourth EQ knob(shape), will help a lot to shape the sound you want.

The B30 is a fairly well made amp. Its rather light and makes easy travel with the exterior handle and tuck away cord. It can also take abuse well, having whacked it on a wall or two transporting it from place to place.

Since i've been playing the electric bass
I've used the B30 for playing along to my favorite bands, and for just jamming in my friends' basements. It is not a hassel at all to move around and can take its share of nicks. Considering all this and the price at which I got this at, the B30 is a great deal for the beginner bass player.

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Hartke B20 Combo Bass Amp (Hartke - B20)

By MGR/NuttyBob, 20/10/2002
I purchaised this amp for £80 (I live in the UK and don't the the price in Dollars) and I had it with a Fender Standard P-Bass (Which was £320) and all together came to £400. I purchased at a shop called "Music Station" and i had bought it because the guy at the shop recommended it and it was the only amp left in the shop.

It has a nice sound as Hartke have a reputation for making good quality amps. It's all I need for playing punk/metal. It has two input sockets: one for passive and one for active basses. It also has a headphone socket, two output sockets and a socket for an effects pedal.

Heavier than other amplifiyers that I've used before. Only 4 different controls: Volume, Bass, Mid and High. No really bad things to say about it.

After using it for two weeks, the input socket fell out and I spent two and a half months waiting to get a replacement from the shop. It's very tough as I have accidently dropped it down a staircase and it plays just as when a first used it.

Good quality amp. Identicle to the B30 except smaller and less powerful. Good value for money and a nice practice amp. Obviously you'd need to get a more powerful amp for gigs though!

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Hartke B90 (Hartke - B90)

By MGR/dan lutz , 05/08/2004
i got this amp from my friends brother for $150

this amp was made in the late ninties 97/98 its been handed down to three people before i aquired it. some one as im told got drunk and kicked a hole in the speaker i opened it up and found a a quarter sized hole and i became suprised in how loud and good this amp sounds evan with a hole in the speaker. on two i can rattle everything in my room and some things in the ajasent room

the only thing i dont like about this amp is the EQ is hard to set but thats it .

this amp was made veary well its sturdy evan when i turn it up all the way theres no rattle in the amp .

bottem line this is the best amp i've ever played i've droped it down stairs turned it all the way up iv'e takin it on the road with me and iv'e never had any problems what so ever its a great amp .

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