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Hartke HA

Hartke HA5500

User reviews on Hartke HA products

Hartke HA2500 (Hartke - HA2500)

By MGR/Billy, 08/01/2011
This bad boy is 250 watts at 4 ohms and about 180 at 8 ohms. The preamp gives you solid state and tube gain (this never made sense to me in a tube amp, but hey, the amps sounds good, why question it right?)

Next you have a compressor. Not bad on 1 or 2, but quickly goes overboard after that. After that is your generous 10-band EQ section, followed by a hi and low pass and finally your master volume.

On the back you have 2 outs, an effects loop and a DI.

That's A TON of features for a $250 amp!

I bought this amp because of the price and because I was sick of lugging around my big amp if all I was doing was practicing alone or with a quieter setup of musicians.

I paid $225 for this amp. I was surprised they included rack ears as well in the box. This amp has everything you need.

Postives features are all of the features. Pre/Post volume, a compressor, an EQ, a DI, rackmountable. This amp has all the features of a more expensive amp with less power and a friendy price tag.

None at all. Once you play it for awhile and it warms up the fan will go on. It is not loud in a live setting, but if you are recording I was mic your cab in another room or a couple feet from the head.

I have only had it for a few weeks, but it feels sturdy and well it works as it should.

Don't overlook this amp. It is a great price, buy it for practice, buy it as a backup. This is a great amp to have laying around.

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Reliable, sturdy, practical, powerful (Hartke - HA3500)

By Vinsaw Aden Ôhm, 24/02/2013
Everything has been said already, so I'll sum it up quickly. Front panel: active/passive input - 2 preamp tube/solid-state - compressor - 10-band EQ - low/hi pass and master. Back panel: 2 speaker outputs - effects send-return (with balance) - DI output
This amp delivers 240 watts into 8Ω (350w max into 4Ω), rackable amp


Extremely simple to use. I bought a Hartke VX410 cab (but I'm thinking about buying a Hartke VX115 to get good subs). I have the manual but have never opened it. Very versatile amp in terms of sound, powerful enough to play with hard-hitting drummers. Very robust, it has been abused in all possible ways and I have used it outdoors under extreme conditions. I can play slap for hours with the volume cranked all the way up and a Metalcore. Besides 2 or 3 pots that crackle a bit, despite a thorough cleanup last year, I have had no big issues.


Simple and versatile


I've used it for 10 years. I have and still play with more powerful and better amps, but this one suits me better because I know my settings. If I had to buy an amp today, I'd buy the same, new or secondhand, since there's no big difference in price. But it is so sturdy that I wouldn't hesitate buying it used, after some tests, obviously.
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Great amp! (Hartke - HA3500)

By Otenko, 21/04/2013
It's a hybrid amp.
Solid-state and tube peamp, solid-state power amp

2 pots for the preamp (tube and solid-state)
1 compressor pot
1 10-band EQ with On/Off switch
2 Contour pots (Low and High Pass)
1 Master/Volume pot
1 effects loop.
1 DI output with Pre/Post amplification switch
2 speaker outputs on 1/4" Jacks


There's a manual included, but the controls are simple and intuitive.
In the manual you can find setup examples, which is practical to start and find the right sound, because you can then fiddle with them a bit and find the desired sound.
The 10-band EQ is not very easy to understand in the beginning (I'm used to 3 bands only) and the bands are very sensitive, but you'll get used to it.
So you can easily find the sound you are looking for!


It's great for all styles of music.
I play mainly rock/punk. With a Fender Precision the sound is very twangy, it's exactly what I was looking for.
This amp has been used by other bassists playing different styles of music during gigs and they have all been very satisfied. This amp adapts perfectly, regardless of the music genre!

I was disappointed by something: The built-in compressor is not on par with the rest of the amp. Up to 2/3, there's almost no effect and if you go beyond 3, almost no sound comes out of the amp. It's a mere accessory (not necessarily indispensable), but given its quality, it's better not to use it. I actually opted to buy a compressor pedal.


It must be 8 months since I use this amp and I am not disappointed, on the contrary. It's great for small and big stages. For the time being, I haven't been able to crank the volume knob beyond 2 during gigs (otherwise it gets picked up by the PA).
Tested at higher volumes at home, I was able to notice some noise with the volume set to 5/6 but up to now I have never had the need to play that loud!
Before buying this amp, I had the opportunity to test other brands, like Ashdown, Ampeg and MarkBass, as well as other Hartke models. I chose this one because, in my opinion, it's the most versatile at this price point. It's the best value for money, even if you don't quite have the same sound as with an all-tube Ampeg.

Now that I'm used to playing with it, I would buy it again without hesitation. It's powerful and with a relatively decent price, you can go for it with your eyes closed!

An opportunity that shouldn't be missed (Hartke - HA3500)

By kelt620, 14/08/2013
Hybrid amplification, 350w / 4ohms


Intuitive settings, easy to get a good sound


Suits all styles, regardless of the bass.


Everything has been said already. This head is remarkable due to its quality build and sound. With a good bass you can forget about using an EQ, you only need to use the preamp (which combines tube and solid-state technology) and the Contour to get an excellent sound.
Very interesting value for money, especially secondhand.
The only downside is its weight.

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