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Hartke HyDrive

Hartke HyDrive 115C

User reviews on Hartke HyDrive products

Hartke Hydrive HX115 Cab (Hartke - HX115 )

By MGR/Billy, 07/11/2010
This is the black tolex with chrome grill Hydrive 1x15 bass cabinet put out by Hartke Systems. It is famous for being a hybrid speaker made partially from aluminum like what Hartke speakers are famous for and also part paper cone which is what most bass players are used to.

The speaker can handle 500 watts at 8 ohms. The cabinet itself is very portable and easy to move without compromising on sound and especially low end.

I bought this bass cabinet direct from the company. It was at my house within a day or so. GREAT customer service. I believe this cab runs about $499?

My reasoning for buying was so I could have one stand alone powerhouse cab to gig with. I hate bringing out a ton of gear to a gig. This cab 90% of the time will supply enough power for the gigs I play. Outdoor stages and huge indoor arenas are the only places I've ran into trouble, but more than likely these style venues will help you with PA support.

I like that it is light, powerful and full of low end.

I do not like the design of the tweeter. In a perfect world it would have a dial instead of the 3-way + neutral or - switch it has. This is a small problem that I have and can continue living with. BTW I usually keep the tweeter in the - position.

Well built. The handles make sense where there are, the factory installed and included casters are great and once again I'm a big fan of tolex covered cabs vs. that annoying fuzzy junk.

Great cab! If you don't have a huge budget or want a simple, powerful and portable cab; this is for you!

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Hartke Hydrive HX410 Cab (Hartke - HX410 )

By MGR/Billy, 20/12/2010
The Hydrive HX 4x10 is one wicked bass cab put out by Hartke Systems! Each individual Hydrive 10' speaker powers 250 watts at 8ohms totaling up to 1,000 watts of pure beastly low end.

I gigged with the Hartke LH500 into the HX115 setup for about a year. It was a effective, powerful rig that sounded great, but there were 2 gigs (out of close to 200) where I just could not cut through.

I was checking out my local shop and scored an incredible deal on an LH1000 and the HX410. This cab sells most places for $599, but I lucked out and got mine for $389!

Compared to the HX115, the HX410 is a louder, punchier more mid range focused cab. This works out great for me because I am a rock player, so the more mids the better.

This cab is not lacking in low end compared to the 15, just more mids.

Another feature I like is, the cabinet will accept speakon or quarter inch plugs. The high frequency driver has a 3 way switch -6 db, Off and On. I prefer the Off position.

Nothing. There are a few things like cheaper hardware, the head mounts aren't 100% straight, but I can easily live with that for the price of this cabinet.

Genius. The speakers are a Hybrid of paper and aluminum. The claim is it will give you the warmth of paper and the clarity of aluminum.

I mentioned above the corners, handles and casters aren't top quality, but they had to do something to get this amp affordable and they did not skimp on power or tone which I am thankful for.

Speaking of handles, they are well placed and make this somewhat light cab very manageable. Most 4x10 cabs are in the 100 lb. range. The Hartke Hydrive is around 70 pounds.

This cabinet is covered in Tolex. A big plus in my book compared to carpet. Carpet attracts dirt, pet hair and wears easy. Tolex is more durable and easy to clean.

There isn't a more powerful cabinet in its class. The Hydrive 4x10 is everything a gigging bassist needs and nothing they'd do not.

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Hartke Hydrive 112 (Hartke - HyDrive 112C)

By MGR/Billy, 29/09/2011
I've owned the rest of the line, I started with the 1x15, got the 4x10, so I figured 'Hey life is short, I'll try the 1x12'

Hartke's Hydrive technology takes their famous aluminum cone and fuses it with a hybrid half aluminum, half paper cone to offer you a loud, warm and clean bass speaker.

I've been dogging my local music shop about these since I heard about them at the NAMM show. Finally I got in the car and drove to the nearest Sam Ash in NJ. They had 2 instock, I left with one for $399 and am saving for a second one.

Very portable. The cabinet only weighs 30 pounds. The 1x12 Hydrive speaker puts out 300 watts.

I do like that the cab is finished in tolex instead of that annoying fuzzy carpet the will get ruined in 6 minutes if you have a cat, but the tolex is thin and can get beat up easily. I'd suggest a cover or throwing a t-shirt over it when not in use.

A unique feature about this cab which I have never seen on a single speaker cab before; it can be ran at 4 or 8 ohms. This really helps you get the extra juice out of a lower powered bass amp. Unlike 4 ohm cabs that can rarely be used with other cabs, get another cab and just flip the switch back to 8ohms.

A great portable cab for those medium sized gigs. The setup really thumps when you add a second 112 cab.

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Power and definition! (Hartke - HyDrive 112C)

By Pjones9, 30/07/2014
I bought this bass amp when looking for a portable but punchy combo for playing small gigs. At that time I worked playing in a Disco covers band in small, medium and sometimes big venues (weddings and graduation ceremonies) and I loved the sound, power and definition it has. I run my Fender 60's Jazz Bass through it and with some compression, EQ and balance I can get a powerful tone, rich in basses but with clear articulation and definition of the high and mid end. I was also impressed with its versatility; the possibilities of tone shaping are endless.
The Hartke 122c features:
-1 x 12-Inch 300 watt HyDrive neodymium hybrid cone driver
-250 watts of power, 1-Inch titanium compression driver, EQ, 7-band graphic EQ, Bass and treble controls,
compressor with LED indicator,overdrive, and an XLR balanced direct output, which is very useful when playing in large venues, however I hardly used it. The XLR output of mine doesn't sound that good when recording, it's ok for demos, but in studio I wouldn't use it.
-The amp also features harmonics, brite and mix FX controls.


I found this amp to be very reliable in any situation; no matter the size of the venue I could feel the punch of the bass but at the same time the clarity of the bassline. Sometimes the bass amp would be my only monitor and even like that I could hear myself easily. It's also very resistant and solid built, heavy but not too much; it fits in any car and it's easy to carry. The manual is clear and sufficient, the amp comes also with images of different EQ, compressor, and tone settings for styles like rock, slap, motown, etc. You can also lean it backwards to get a wider sound, I found this pretty practical when using the amp as a monitor.


My Fender Jazz Bass sounds great trough it. This bass is very versatile and the Hartke 112C captures that perfectly and allows me to get the vintage tone, warmth and brightness I like. Thanks to the compressor and EQ you don't need external pedals to make your bass sound good, all the notes and articulations sound even and solid. Even when playing with a pick and with muted strings the punch is not lost. When I want an aggressive tone I set the treble around 3/4 and the strings will sound harsh and bright. Or if I want a warmer, deeper tone, I set the treble around 1/3 and cut some of the high frequencies on the EQ. The only negative thing that I have found with this amp is that it hums when you turn the treble knob too high.My bass makes a lot of noise too, so the additional buzz of the amp makes it even more noticeable. Fortunately thanks to the EQ almost all of this buzz can be eliminated. This is why I find this combo great for live performances but not for studio usage.


What I like the most about this amp is the power it gives you and how easy is to shape a specific tone. Also the compressor controls and FX help you achieve a more consistent sound right out. While I am also fond of Ampeg combos too (because they just make the Jazz Bass shine) I'm very happy with this amp and it has worked perfectly for me during live performances, rehearsals and practice. I'd qualify it as a very complete amp. Punch, versatility, definition, warmth, brightness, it has everything I need. Would buy again if I had to but I also would like to get an Ampeg too, both are great choices for the price. In conclusion:

-Great tone
-Good warmth
-Best for live performances, rehearsals and jamming.

-Some noise when playing with lots of treble.
-Not great for studio recording, unless its recorded with microphones.

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