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Hartke KickBack

Hartke KickBack 12

User reviews on Hartke KickBack products

moosers's review (Hartke - KickBack 12)

By moosers, 25/02/2009
The Hartke KickBack 12 is a solid state bass amplifier. It has 120 watts of power and can crank pretty loud for such a small amp. It has a 1/4 inch input in front to plug your instrument into, and also has an XLR output in the front for sending a direct signal from the amp. In addition to this, it has a 1/4 inch output for headphones. The amp has setting control knobs for volume, shape, low, mid, and high. It also has a shape button that can be put in or out.


The general configuration of the amp is quite easy to follow and easy to use. Getting a good sound is as easy as plugging your bass in and manipulating the controls to your taste. While it is a small amp, it does deliver a big sound that is perfect for practicing with. I don't have the manual for this so I don't know how well it is put together.


I use the Hartke KickBack 12 for rock and pop music, but it is suitable for all types of music that you are using electric bass guitar in. This amp is made specifically for bass guitar, so I wouldn't use a six string guitar with it, but could also be usable with keyboards. The overall tone is full and you have a nice amount of controls with the EQ and shaping parameters. The sound on this is usable and fine for most situations, but it isn't close to the best sounding bass amplifier in the world.


I've been using the Hartke KickBack 12 bass amp for about six months. We needed a cheap bass amplifier for practicing with my band and this has definitley done the trick. It is perfect for these types of situations and would even sound good for a live show. I probably wouldn't record with this, as I usually record bass guitar direct. This being said, have the XLR direct out is helpful and is good if you want to record straight from the amp. The price is reasonable and even though it is a small amp, it delivers a ton of power and sound. Overall, I recommend this amp for bass players looking for a cheap practice amp or something that they can easily move around.

timy's review (Hartke - KickBack 15)

By timy, 02/01/2005
Amp transistors while
120W RMS @ 8 homs
HP 15 'Aluminum Cone (specificity HARTKE)
Output jack, XLR, ...
Shape control for awesome sound of mediums.
between Active / passive joint
3-band EQ control


3 pots for treble, bass, mids so RiEnd e complicated but it's still full because the selected bandwidth for these three settings are most appropriate to me.
We obtain very easily a good sound that is more acceptable to the SHAPE control setting that offers really very useful.


I play metal and it suits me very well. Even if it is deemed to be very versatile, jazz, reggae, rock, ...
I play it with an ESP-LTD and the active preamp / DI Hartke.
The single sound is what gives the precision thanks to the aluminum cone. The advantage of the 15 'compared to the lower series 12' and 10 'is a greater presence in the bass. But having tests 3models Kickback, I think the 15 is still better than the other end and the sound quality is good superior.


I use it for 3 months.
I tried many, many more models before buying and even the ampeg (BA) I was not satisfied because of their price they did not have enough advantage compared to Kickback remains my favorite.
Value for money really good since at the level of quality I see nothing to complain

tomwod's review (Hartke - KickBack 12)

By tomwod, 23/08/2004
See official website


Super easy to use, not too many knobs ... It sounds terrible in acute ... ca not saturate in the volumes levs.


Are clear ... and well rounded.


Trs satisfied to play rptition or for studio recordings

Good amp input range (Hartke - KickBack 12)

By mister_sly, 05/10/2014
Power: 120 Watt
Preamplification and amplification transistor
1 speaker 12 "aluminum
Parametric mids
Weight: about 20 kg

The power is there, enough for a civilized rehearsal.


Setup is simple: 3 potentiometers + filter that makes immediate control. The jack failed after a few years of use and it took disassemble the beast. In general I do everything myself, but the amp config prohibits wild disassembly. A small part of the vehicle was necessary:-(So Small flat on the design.


The sound is generally poorly defined and work the sound of the bass in the group is a bit complicated.


This amp is my first amp, I occasionally use it for 10 years. This is a good amp starting, work too hard too. It is well suited to low average range but becomes disappointing when you leave the store with a new guitar that has been tried on a more upscale amp.