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User reviews on Hartke KM products

built to last a long time (Hartke - KM200)

By ericthegreat, 20/12/2011
This amp is a solid state setup. The power coming out of this thing is fairly strong at 180w. The connections are actually pretty sweet on this amp. This amp has a built in 4 channel mixer which offers stereo 1/4" jacks for each channel and also an XLR input on channel 1 and finally an RCA input. The outputs include stereo 1/4" and XLR connections and of course a headphone output. This amp was also designed to be part of a larger setup. You also have the input/output options to stereo link the amp with another KC model amp and also a Subwoofer too. As for settings, well, it has a three band EQ with a "Shape" button that kind makes the sound a little more punchy in my opinion. It also comes with a ground loop switch which can come in very handy when you get that awful humming sound. As for effects there are no built in options.


I would say that the general config/setup is very simple. If you have ever used even the most basic mixer and the most basic combo amp, then you should be totally fine. If you zero all the knobs (12 o'clock) the sound is pretty decent. It only takes a little tweaking of the highs and lows for me to get the sound I like. I purchased my KC 550 used and didn't get the manual. However, I have never come across anything on this amp that would make me need it.


I have had this amp for 1 1/2 years. What I like most? It has stereo connections for a single speaker. That comes in very handy when you want to use this amp as a PA speaker but only have one (good for DJs). I also like how light it is for its size. Its not a feather but its the same size as some other solid state amps I own but weighs a good 20 or so lbs. less. What I don't like? It could be my speaker is going bad, but I feel the amp cannot handle low end frequencies very well. It starts to make some bad distorted sounds on some of my "bass" keyboard patches. Overall, this is a pretty decent amp for someone who wants the power and the simple mixing options with out having to lug around a whole PA. If thats not you, spend your $600 on a nice powered PA speaker, and when you can spend that much again, get the other one for the pair. I also own a really nice set of EV powered PA speakers and they suit me much better. In fact, I might be selling my KC 550 just because I never use it any more.

Swenerick's review (Hartke - KM60)

By Swenerick, 05/03/2012
What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor, ...)? Amplifier transistor

What is the power delivered? 60W

What connection? Asymmetrical jack inputs and one XLR direct out in

What are the settings, the effects? not affect just a 7-band graphic EQ


The configuration is simple? Yes

Do you get a good sound easy? The amp is unfortunately not very discreet, he yq of breath and a buzz. Otherwise, with its organs of Rhodes or the rendering is not too bad. I use it for dirty sounds and it works :-) Good headroom. In any case, it is not neutral at all, but I am going experimente therefore so to speak ...

The manual is clear and sufficient? The mine contained no documentation ...


How long you use it? 6 months to about

What is so special that you love the most, least? With EQ, you can even mess!

Did you tried many other models before buying it? not

How would you rate the quality / price? correct. I am especially disappointed by the amplification actually. There's a big pop at start followed by a breath, which disappears a little course, but hey it does not breathe the quality amp. I love her look.

With experience, you do again this choice? bah, yes, because in any event, each amp is usable when you tinker the sound.

Effective! ! ! (Hartke - KM200)

By piconpierre, 05/12/2012
If you want opinions on this amp, you probably already know the technical specifications of the beast ...
200 watt amp transistor
4 input channels (or rather four pairs of inputs), each with a knob for adjusting the output level of this channel
Channel 1 has 2 knobs "bass" and "Treeble" effective
7 Band Equalizer, effective as
Button to adjust the overall volume
A DI with its own volume knob
a bowl of 15-inch aluminum and a tweeter
Dimensions: approximately 60x60x50cm, for 34 pounds. A big thank you to the guy at Hartke who had the idea to put wheels (solides!) to this receiver.
All this is a super strong box.
At the rear, the body has a cutaway that allows the amp to put in an inclined position. Practice.


Configuration could not be more simple. Having bought this amp new, I have the manual, but I do not remember having opened ...

At the first use with my keyboard, knobs "bass" and "Treeble" at noon and EQ flat, I had moments of doubt muffled, stifled ... But honestly, in less than 30 seconds found the correct setting and sounds. Equalization is really effective! And all the buttons "bass" and "Treeble" channel 1 as the graphic equalizer general! Turning a knob, the sound changes. This is what I call an equalizer, do not you?

Four years later, I began to play bass ... and I say "Hartke amps they produce rather low, so it must be the case" ... so before buying a bass amp, I try to connect my bass this amp ...
And indeed, it works great on bass too. I tried two different basses over (a jazz bass and an Ibanez SR600), the receiver keeps well the character of the instrument! Obviously, it takes a little push bass EQ, but it's what is asked. I've even served several times as a bass amp on stage, and several bassists have told me things like "pu * ain, it has a sacred potato your little combo!" ...


I use this amp for 6 years. And not a failure to report.
At the time of my purchase, I tried several ways to boost my keyboard combo, Peavey, Yamaha powered speakers, direct connection to the sound ... without being convinced by either the sound or the look.

the +:
AND keyboard amp Bass
good quality sound
4 inputs

The -:
34 kilos, it rhymes with back pain.

I bought this amp a long time ago now (in 2006 or 2007, I remember well ...) to € 650 (I think I remember the price). If I had to find an amp for now my keyboard, with the same budget, I would buy the same. Without hesitation. It sounds good and strong, it is solid (not any malfunction in over 6 years), what more??? As a useful bass amp? Yeah, he does too!
Admittedly, this is not the best bass amp, but it was enough to play variétoche, and now I just have to play in a rock band "too hairy for girls anyway" .. . It took me two years of practice bass with this amp to start telling me that perhaps that I should find myself a real bass amp ... But in the meantime, I still play on this one! And the day I have a big tube amp for my bass, I will keep this amp for the keyboard. Keyboardists friends, you have no excuse not to put yourself in the bass!

Anyway, in summary:
1 - I purchased new
2 - I do not regret one point (but really not)
3 - I would be willing to purchase the same at the same price
4 - I do not plan to part with it ;-)

Has a 7 band graphic EQ and Mic input (Hartke - KM60)

By sw80, 30/01/2013
The Hartke KM60 is a keyboard amplifier that I had the chance to use when I was working with a local group and doing some small performances with them. This amplifier was one that they already had, so I did not have to bring my own. It does not get very loud, and we didn’t need it to be very loud but the thing about it I liked the most is that it has a full 7 band graphic EQ built right into it. This was so perfect for me that after I was done working with the group I ended up purchasing a used KM60 for about 250 dollars and still have it to this day. It has a microphone input and 4 mono line inputs on it. There are two speakers in the cabinet one of them being a tweeter and one being a 10 inch speaker.


The weight is 50 pounds, and though it has no effects I could deal with that because of the graphic EQ and microphone input. Brand new this retails for around 350 so finding a lightly used one for 250 was a steal for me and I jumped on it fast. This amp is very easy to use and has good warmth; it is portable and great for small gigs and performances. It was easy to get in and out of my car’s trunk, and didn’t give me any back pains carrying it by the handle which is well built.


I highly recommend getting this amplifier if you are a keyboard player and you gig or play with a band because of the sound quality and EQ. The only change I would make with this would be to add some reverb too it but outside of that I found no cons to having it. It is fun to have and gives you the sound you need to sound great!