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Hartke LH

Hartke LH500

User reviews on Hartke LH products

Hartke LH500 (Hartke - LH500)

By MGR/Billy, 18/10/2010
This is a no frills, best bang for your buck powerful bass head. It's built like a tank inside and out. 500 watts of pure tube driven bass goodness.

I needed a head that was simple to use, portable, durable, had a DI out and oh yeah it needed to sound great too!

I bought it from Sam Ash Music in NYC. $350 sounds about right for the price I paid.

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Simple to use and loud. Most bass amps have too many stinkin knobs! Not the LH500. Bass, Mid, Treble and Volume. A classic amp circuit with the modern demand of power needed to gig. The DI out is also located right on the front of the amp. No fishing behind your amp at a gig with a dark stage.

There isn't a whole lot I don't like about the amp. I guess if I had to pick one thing: A high Mid and a low Mid knob would give the EQ much more versatility. But hey, you won't find a better bass head out there for the money.

This is a beast. It's handled 2 years of abuse for me so far. I did have to replace the stock 12AX7, but the new high gold Groove Tubes are great tubes, it gave me an excuse to upgrade an already great sounding amp.

Bottom line, if you want a bass amp that will simply amplify your bass loud and clean, this is it!

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Hartke LH1000 (Hartke - LH1000)

By MGR/Billy, 15/12/2010
This is the big brother to the Hartke LH500, an amp I reviewed earlier, but have since upgraded. This amp is like having 2 500 watt amps in one. In bridged mono this beast puts out 750 watts into 8ohm and 1100 into 4 ohms. If you need more power than that, you will probably go deaf!

My local music shop had one that did not sell and they marked this $500 amp down to $299. I put it on hold and did everything shy of sell a lung to get it!

It is super simple to use. Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble and then a blend knob if you are using 2 or more cabs. There is also a built in brite and limiter button. The functions are subtle, yet effective.

The EQ section is take from the vintage Fenders. It is sometimes called a 'tone stack' This means to get it flat your EQ needs to be set around 2 for treble and bass with your mids almost cranked.

In a perfect world this amp would have a 2nd midrange knob to really dial the mids in, but hey they went for a simple design and they delivered!

Built like a tank! I gigged with my LH500 for a year strong with no hold ups besides needing to replace the 12AX7. You may prefer nicer 12AX7 anyway.

Great tone and enough power for any situation. Can't beat the price. There aren't many powerhouse 1000 watt bass amps out there for sub $500.

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Pure diesel blood (Hartke - LH1000)

By pussinboots, 10/05/2014
READ MY OPINION ON LH-500 is the same amp

Hybrid preamp 1 x ECC83, transistor amp

2x500W into 4 ohms, bridgeable to 1000W. Download manual in Samsontec for specific specs.

Bass, mid, treble
1 button bright
1 DI pre-preamp

2 inputs active / passive
1 volume, scale to 2 amps

See my article on LH 500 because apart from the 2 amp and power, it is the same as 1000W.

I only use active low so it is the perfect (low setting) because I work course corrections on bass.


The preamp is none other than the preamp "bassman 100" 60s channel bright component near (I plans hehe so I can speak ... hehe).
The manual is useless, 3 buttons the sound is right there.
Easy and it sends a potato breathlessly.

Lack in my opinion compared to the older brothers of a brand or a Deep Contour for slap passages when coming from classic sounds


This is going on everywhere! It is very good for heavy and round sound, but works very well in fusion with mediums very present.

As I said to a contact who wanted technical advice, no scene justifies such powers except to manage multiple stacks positioned on large trays.

500W behind outdoor 10m even if the cashing baffles without flinching, what I (Powerhouse 115 + 210), is not in the field of endurance, so 1000 ...


Used for several years with its little brother the 500.

I like the price, ease and powerful sound
I do not like the weight especially when it's Racke tjrs which was my case. When others run it okay but when it's me that's wrong.

The value for money is excellent although I think it increases a little ...

I did more because the weight bothered me. I opted for the opposite, GK fusion 500 = 2kg. And it sends the brawn! This is not the same price of course.

Good basis for severely poutrer (Hartke - LH500)

By moixjj, 02/09/2014
Everything has been said. Extremely simple, efficient, safe. Not beautiful. Personally I really like the 3-band EQ. I did not need more, I'm the big rock that beam. Stuff with lots of buttons I leave that to virtuosos. As I am far, I prefer simple systems with a massive sound and punches well in the mix. Head great cash my pedalboard. Connectivity is also minimized but it is just what I need. If it reduces the price of the gadget and the sound and quality are waiting for you, I'm for. We must judge the features for the price that I paid for this amp: a misery. the 500W transistor is its weight and is sure it will be increasingly hard for the technology to fight face to class D. But I like the sound mosfet.


Simpler you die. Or you play on Orange (which I also like, but it's more expensive). I have not seen the manual but no need to have studied engineering. There is the sound we want in 5 minutes. If we do not find it necessary to change the amp. Matter of taste. Note that the amp seems to be very, very solid. It is therefore targeted to the musician who wants robust, powerful, and easy to use. This is the Land Rover amps.


A dry, the sound is fairly neutral and warm. The 3 band EQ is effective but does not work miracles. With a good bass and a good speaker, you can not have a bad surprise. It's not super bright, but it's pretty powerful. Bass present, pretty midrange and treble slamming without being too aggressive neutral ... what! I add an overdrive Mazzette and there is the killer pedal. I also have a fuzz Arts in bloodshed. This is an amp mat really cheap but with OD quality it becomes a very very good amp that can compete with many more sides amps. I play with Japanese Ibanez ATK modified and various Japanese PBass 70's / 80's. My main amp is a 200 Chillbass any lamps that cost me almost 10 times more expensive. The two complement each other very well: a great amp very organic and very delicate class: the Bentley. A skeleton strong and reliable amp: I said earlier, the old Land Rover.
I play on a baffle Chillbass 2x15 Celestion Greenback with ferrite. This is an important detail because it's a great cab with an impressive return. I played with several different amps on the cab which compares some brands. It sounds better than some great amps I've owned Ashdown ABM (beautiful design amp a little soft), Genz Benz Shuttle (amazing potato but lacks bass and heat), Eden WT800 (a mystery to me, I n 've never managed to properly adjust while I loved a WT500) and TC Electronic BH250 (Lack of potato).


I bought it in a hurry after a crash there a month. It's ugly as ass but honestly sounds really good. I had about a dozen amps but this is the cheapest I've paid. I draw a parallel with my instruments I have 7 low and no cost me over 400 euros. Yet I had Musicman, of Warwick, Fender and Rickenbacker American 1973's hardware is chosen by ear and by feel. The LH500 is likely to remain my amp rescue or my main amp for annexes musical projects. With an OD or fuzz quality effect is in any case a very good amp rock and Metal beam to which I can judge with a 2x15. The value is unbeatable. Well ... and I dare say that those who can not afford an all-tube amp can already relatively close there with this head and Mazzette Lowerdrive and a very good cab.