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Hartke Transporter

Hartke 210TP

User reviews on Hartke Transporter products

vinie31's review (Hartke - 410TP)

By vinie31, 19/04/2006
Good speaker with a good sound trs.
I did not see any diffrence in sound with her older sister who is more than XL 10Kg more against 30 kg for it.


Clear, colorless particulire. Suitable for all styles ...


I use it for over a year.
Trs good report quality price ... But the quality just is not perfect ... Lack of finish.
Lack taken we speak.

Okay for the price (Hartke - 410TP)

By ecce48, 02/04/2012
This is the cab with which I started and I always. Let's be honest, what first motivated me, this is the price. Compared to competitors in this range, there's no photo.


The sound is clean and perfectly neutral, which is suitable for all types of music, the amp will do the desired color. About the amp, the Hartke 3500 is fine for this cab, fully versatile.


I tried this cab on a little mark (it's okay), a Trace Eliot (that's okay too) and a SVT3 (it's still okay) Anyway this is correct on all but nothing more. On or versatility. I have since replaced by a 410 XL, I see no difference except that the material quality is slightly better but the sound is kif-kif. I played with a starting HA3500 and all walked Wonders, it was only in the amount range (I switched to SVT3pro) That I've realized that it lacked roundness. Problem quickly solved by adding a 115 Brussels.
Currently I do is much more. Since I play with an Ampeg 410 HLF and this is nothing comparable.Je still use it sometimes when I play on a different amp than my Ampeg (to sound more neutral)
In conclusion, I would say it is a good start for someone who moves from small combo to double body system without breaking the bank: the choices I make at the time and I have never regretted.

Boost your combo! (Hartke - 410TP)

By eminent2000, 13/03/2014
Bought used with HA3500 head of the brand to play with a group (350 € all in 2013). At home I have an old Peavey TKO110.


I have no experience with another firm, so take this review for what it's worth.
At first I was a little disappointed, found the cold and dry sound, highlighting any errors play (finger noise, fret ...) It was also in a rehearsal room tiled and bare walls. Now I have a room furnished and carpeted, it changes everything. And comes with settings bass, get a round fedora still sound.

What motivates this view, it is more than playing in a group, I was ready to sell it when I brought it home and plugged into my guitar amp, a Peavey Bandit 110 modest. I had seen a video on Youtube describing the experience: the amp suddenly becomes quite different, the sound takes a lot of depth, presence and transparency at a time. It also goes very well on acoustic guitar amp. Suddenly it I decided to keep it all.

And then also connected to my little Laney RB2 (30w I think, bought € 80 ...), this is a metamorphosis! Obtained with a combo four sub sounds great! The amp gives full power without deterioration of sound, one earns a lot in depth. 3500 head suddenly at home does not have much interest because the power is not used and the fan is noisy.


So here is the cheap stuff, it's the job for bass if you are not too demanding, can be heard as a group, the sound is decent (for me) if you take the time to look a little (a little less treble, more bass). The quality of the bass there a lot too.

This is not pro material, it certainly does not sound like the Ampeg, Markbass or Agilar, or even more high-end models in Hartke.

But if we accept that it is modest hardware already cheap in new and easy to find occasion, you can with it to be heard without ridicule in a small group, but also radically transform a small combo at four under, that it either guitar or bass. This is an option that I have encountered so far not much on the net you buy more often this type of material for a separate head, but in my opinion not a bad use of cab.

In the end I do not regret, "bang for the buck" in the proper sense.

great complement (Hartke - 115TP)

By ph82, 02/07/2014
I played on a swr lacked a little bass and power. This addition increases the power from 100w to 150w 8 ohm sub at 4 ohms, and really earn roundness. Another positive point, it is really light.


complement my swr combo which is mounted a 12 and a tweeter, it is well suited 15.


I use since 2008. I compared with a Hartke 4X10, gain roundness had seemed less spectacular. Excellent value for money, which has saved me more to change all of my config for a few watts. I would do this choice without hesitation.