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Hartke XL

Hartke 410XL

User reviews on Hartke XL products

Yes and no (Hartke - 410XL)

By Postmortem, 27/12/2010
I had purchased (sold) to replace a 4 times 10 harley benton ... I was not hugely urgent need of money so good I went and tried some cabinet I came across this baffle. I saw that he cashed not bad enough for Repeat 'in any case so good hopla I took it.

he turned on a Genz Benz Shuttle 3.0 plus electro harmonix compressor, the valvedrive EBS with another 2 times 10 Genz Benz.


Good serious cash there ... not bad attack he provides is interesting, however my Genz Benz cash ... more detail Hartle is supposed to collect 400 watts ..... .. the Genz Benz 375 ... good move.

dynamics is not bad however it's still very cold and a little cardboard.

I play in a formation of death metal and black metal, the sound is precise and pick slap slapper ... I play a lot but not as mediator in the fingers and the gate ... it is wickedly.

it does not support a large attack on a high volume ... fingers yet the shuttle making only 300 watts I was not the limit of the cabinet .... with my new Markbass little mark 3 600 watt I including but not!


I got about 9 months.

ultimately the difference in quality and performance too much with my Genz Benz I replaced it with a Markbass 15 ".. it weighs 23 kg and not 40 ... is smaller and mostly true cash 400 watts.

if you have no money and it is secondhand to 250 euros is a bargain at full price already .... but hey ... least he did his job and if you are not in styles as extreme as he held me.

with the experience I will not go that choice.

jackololo's review (Hartke - 410XL)

By jackololo, 09/05/2006
I use this speaker on a 3500 head HA of the same brand, and coupled with a 15 'Ampeg.J' branch to an Ibanez SR400 4 string with active EMG pickups. The style played on the loudspeaker is essentiellemnt of metal, but I play very often play a slap. I replaced my old Hartke VX 410 for this one because the VX had trouble cashing a deep bass at high volume, and the dynamics of the head. I played on an "aluminum cones" (the XL 410, so) for a concert, and I found that the power output was very good, and the precision of the game and for the price (especially used) I did not hesitate for long.


In terms of sound reproduction, I find the speaker and the height of the power and dynamic as the head sends him. The VX was going where my hand, the XL is the grave, retains its punch and the slap is a real jackhammer! Depending on the desired, one could criticize his lack of heat. But the precision is gained is a little to the detriment of the roundness. That's why I kept my 15 'Ampeg, which bring this "fat" is missing.


I use it for a very short time, but I had already tested concert condition, and I heard some running. What I like is the potato (97 dB sensitivity) and the sort of slight "growl" to the attack of the strings produced by the aluminum cones. It makes me think about how to manage head Ampeg frequencies. What I like least is the weight of the machine! 40 kgs! But we feel that the cabinet is something to do with the patch. Very good value for money, like any self-respecting product Hartke ...
I almost bought a place a Ampeg 4x10, but after hearing the XL, and after reflection, I chose this one to combine punch and roundness through my config. So yes, I do it again this choice.

Wabsbass's review (Hartke - 410XL)

By Wabsbass, 23/02/2005
Cabinet 400 Watts @ 8 Ohms
4 HP 10 "Aluminum
Rponse in frquence 30 Hz 5 kHz

I use it for everything: BPS, bars and small concert venues, studio ....

I coupled with the HA3500 head of the same brand, Cort Curbow 5 and pdalier effects DigiTech BP200


Do not expect sound trs round. This cabinet is made for the slap plutt o l it excels.


It's been five years since I use it and I'm still happy. The sound is powerful, prcis, all it takes to slap.
The only default is that we could find him, I think the lack of roundness in the bass and sub.

Not alone (Hartke - 115XL)

By pussinboots, 27/12/2012
Not used alone because no fever. A couple with XL210 eg


Very low, correct dynamic


I said to couple