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Art HeadAmp 6pro

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It would take me exactly the same thing but half-rack :-)

By Oliviercool, 18/07/2014
It is a 6-channel headphone amplifier 1U rackmount. On each channel, you can connect two headsets: 1 front and 1 rear panel.

Key features:
- With a 6.3 mm stereo jack additional input on the front panel to inject unexpected sound source. In this case, the main input sound is cut on the headphone outputs distributed on the rest and cascaded output but without this task: that between the sound is output by the input by the headphones.
- With adjustable input gain and level meter to the main entrance
- With as possible, per channel:
* 1 entry secondary auxiliary stereo jack at the rear (the rear RARE!)
* Adjust the stereo balance between left and right
* If an audio source is connected to a second auxiliary input, the balance adjustment is used to adjust the mix between the main source and the auxiliary source
* Treble and bass
* Selection of listening in stereo, mono L, mono and mono L + R R
* VU Meter
- For the input set - main output: XLR and TRS 6.3 mm.
- For 12 headphone outputs: 6.3 mm stereo jack
- For secondary audio inputs: 6.3 mm stereo jack
- Dynamic Range: 101 dB

This headphone amp is one of the best in this category, that is to say, with ability to mix an auxiliary secondary source individually per channel. Perfect for example, allow a musician to listen to an electronic metronome separately while he plays his instrument and another musician to listen to separately source that serves as a standard for tuning his instrument without these auxiliary sources is injected into the mix or to the amp for monitoring and / or scene. Me, I use this function to adjust the tuning end when scanning analog tape: I use a small sound generator, the Yamaha MU15 (but it can be any) as standard, precisely the Jumping on the secondary auxiliary input concerned.

The sound seems incredibly clear and precise, each musician (when there are 6 or less) or each pair of musicians (when there are between 7 and 12) can individually adjust the mix, bass and treble their convenience.

6 channels: for my needs is too much, 2-3 channels with ability to mix a secondary audio source channel individually by me would suffice. on the other hand, as I have limited space in my home studio, a half-rack version would have suited me better, but hey, apart from that, I am happy with this product.

Strengths, in order of importance to me:
- 101 dB dynamic range :-) ))
- Possibility for each mixer channel independent secondary auxiliary source
- Vertical and sensitive Views meters to -51 dB, RARE! :-) )) In fact, the meters competitors only go up to -30 dB to date (July 2014)
- Possibility for each channel to listen to the sound in stereo, mono L, mono and mono L + R R
- Treble and bass individually per channel

Points "gray" (objectively, I do not know if it is a strong or a weak spot):
- Seen meters staggered as if it acted digital (LEDs display -51, -42, -33, -25, -18, -12, -6 and 0 dB) while it is actually analog. But their colors (green -51 to -18 dB, -12 for yellow and red and -6 dB for dB -0) are indeed seen analog meters ^ ^
- Auxiliary secondary inputs are on the rear panel, RARE :-)

- The transition from state stereo, single L, R or mono mono L + R is not done properly, it causes loss of contacts: damage

Do not confuse this model with ART HeadAmp 6, its predecessor (The ART HeadAmp is a mini headphone amplifier 4 channels). It does not adjust the treble and bass separately by channel but against its secondary auxiliary input located on the rear AND front, always per channel, RARE! :-) )) And it is also possible to listen in stereo or mono channel.

Its closest competitors:
- Samson S-Phone: Only 4 channels, 1 headphone channel, taken by secondary auxiliary channel on the front panel can adjust the treble and bass channel, listen to stereo or mono channel and possible linker each channel to another destination (to another headphone amp for example) - RARE!.
- Behringer HA4700: Only 4 channels, 3 channel headphones - RARE taken second auxiliary channel front, listen to stereo or mono channel and can adjust the treble and bass channel!.

Farewell Behringer Welcome ART

By, 30/05/2013
* I viend to buy it for my 2 remlpacer Behringer.
* I tried the Behringer HA4700 POWERPLAY PRO-XL (very bad breath and snoring level (50Hz) but not expensive).
* I also tested the ALESIS MULTIMIX 6 CUE, it has a good sound but no settings weaker than the ART treble EQ bass / and air knobs.
* Pros: The sound quality, no breath no snoring.
* Cons: Nothing so far.
* Report Quality / Price: yes it is a little pricey but worth it.
* Yes, I'll even buy a second.

Reserved for mechanics!

By Alain en 57, 23/03/2013
Yes I tried other models

What I like least is that we should leave the toolbox to remove one of the two mounting ears of reinforcements racking (because of the fineness of sheet metal facade) that it passes between the racks and rails to finally racker! LAMENTABLE, and when I say it is terrible to have tried several different brands of racks to draw the same conclusion so ... For the record, YAMAHA did the same thing and taking for example the old GC2020 they at least had the intelligence to panhead screws so that do not exceed the brackets that they had the screw holes with a cutting course ! Like what progress ... So for an investment of traveling to meditate at the risk of the reinforcement without its ears folded to use fixed no prob!

For this neglect mechanical absolutely unforgivable in this age or mobility needs are growing more and thus weakening the material I put 5/1O for a machine that usurps his qualifiquatif PRO!

Very good pre amp have unhesitatingly

By gabe, 21/03/2013
How long have you been using?
I use it for three months in rehearsal (four players) since we all played with headphones is paradise and spring of répets without head or ears ordnance. A real luxury to be able to hear any moderate volume.
I also use it for home recording and listening is really nice.
Frequency three times a week.

Did you try many other models before buying it?
Yes the presonus HP4 (no comment ...) I learned about many forums to choose finally a model. And it was not obvious. I took the time and I do not really regret it.

What is so special that you like most and least?
6 independent outputs. The EQ's on each slice and especially the quality of bass and treble even at high volume. Power develops. Zero breath.
The appearance is robust and strong enough potares. It is not plastic like some ...
Least: For the moment there is not one!

How do you rate the quality / price?
very good for this quality preamp.

With experience, you do again this choice?
Without a moment's hesitation.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask me for advice.
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