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Small headphone amp 2 channel stereo independent - Reviews Behringer MINIAMP AMP800

Originally purchased as a headphone amp for a drummer
Allows to send the sound of his drums while adjusting its battery. It can adjust the location of the microphones drums to get the best sound.
Then it switches to the overall mix, and it feels immersed in the orchestra.

2 stereo channels A and B with independent Gain and balance on each of two channels. A single meter displays the sum of the two channels A + B.
Inputs on the back of two mono jacks per channel, plus a parallel output on channel A to connect to another amp.

4 independent headphone outputs each with volume control, meter button and switch on one of the two channels A and B. Outputs at the back lined front.

Taken on by Alim transformer. ON / OFF button on the front.

For distribution channels 2 to 4 independent stereo returns musicians.
Alas, there is no possibility of mixing together the two voices. On each trip, it's one or the other choice, never the two together.

On a concert, I put this system on the drummer and lead singer of a group of young musicos.
In the months that followed, all the musicians had bought the same amp and use it consistently since.