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User Review

NICKEL! - Reviews PreSonus HP-4

Audience: Advanced Users
I have this little pre-amp for the past 5 months for the home studio.
It is plugged into my boss in on BR 600 and out .... on headphones and a pair of ADAM A5. What I liked is that we can manage the volume of the monitor directly on the machine (and also to mute).
I love its transparency. I ordered at the same time a low-end model for output and the difference is striking. It has nothing to do!
After it cheap but it's sturdy so I think once you bought is good for a good time.
Only a small black dot. I have a sennheiser hd 25 and the volume to 4 Chuis thoroughly. PZS serious but just know!

With experience, I would do this choice. is not the pro stuff but not the range of either. suited for home studios.