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bah it does its taf - Reviews Samson Technologies S-phone

I already had one before ... bought in 2010 because never had any problems with the previous one, for a new config.

I had the nifty gizmo behringer power pro ... that does the same thing but much worse. otherwise I've also used another samson I forget the name but who is 4 amps, which is half of 19 ", 1U.

the most is definitely being able to inject a signal for each channel (several mixes for zicos), the eq, I am never served, and it has lots of gain (at least enough for the I actually use). also the fact that it can handle a total of 12 headphones may be a more

least, I dunno, I do not mix through this device but I use it just for the zicos mixes and they are happy.

besides the behringer are cheaper (less property also less transparent), it is the only one who can make 12 outputs simultannées at this price

I bought a headphone amp but not this one. the tascam MH8 (3x more expensive and super) and also the alesis multimix 6cue but it remains a good product