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Beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro Mini-Review

770 + 110 = 880 Our Headphones Week continues with the Beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro, the big brother of the DT-770. Having the DT-770 as a reference, we had high expectations for the DT-880... Verdict! read more…

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"Classy Audiophile headphones" (DT 770 Pro 250 Ohms)

By livewidmusic, 01/08/2014
The Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO comes in 32 Ohms, 80 Ohms and 250 Ohms. I went for the 250 Ohms version, as these are very suitable for professional studio monitoring applications and the best among the series for audiophiles especially. This closed reference dynamic transducer headphone is a circumaural headphone constructed to fit around our ears. Weighing around 270 grams, the DT 770 PRO provides a frequency response from 5 - 35,000Hz, providing a nominal sound pressure level up-to 96dB. This headphone has a single sided cable for connection coming with a gold plated 3.5mm mini-jack plug and 1/4'' adapter.

I have done extensive research before purchasing the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO, as I always do with all my products. After listening to these headphones from various different studios and receiving recommendations from several musicians and artists, I understood that the DT 770 PRO is something serious and still uses it since 1 year. Since I am someone who always travels and arranges music and mix on the go, the DT 770 PRO does an extremely professional job. I had previously used several headphones from different companies (not naming them), but they always failed me. After doing a basic mix with these headphones and when you playback on the monitors, you will realise how well the sound reproduction is produced by the DT 770 PRO. Though I do not suggest to get used to mixing with these, but for a beautiful start and for monitoring and listening to extreme detailing of the sounds and arrangement, this headphone stands out and is one of the best in the market. For $200, these headphones have to be grabbed immediately and are highly recommended for quality sound monitoring.


1) Innovative Bass reflex system.
2) All parts are replaceable.
3) Soft inner pads, hours of playback and monitoring will not give you the slightest fatigue.
4) Reproduces almost 90 % of sound detailing after mixing through these and playing back later on monitors.
5) One among the best Audiophile headphones for monitoring. Period.
6) Not over-priced.


1) No drawstring bag (Promised to come along with the purchase, but I did not get one).
2) The 3.5mm mini-jack is not that strong as it seems to be. A quick mis-handling can destroy the wiring. (This happened to a few of my friends and had to replace the whole headphone).
3) The box this gets shipped with is very amateur and not at all safe. To be honest, did not like the packing at all.
4) Optional ear cushions and travel bags are available for purchase on the website (Something that should have been given along with the purchase. C'mon!).
5) Slight coloration in the high mids and highs while monitoring.
6) Not recommended as recording headphones. Slight leakages noticed.

I had planned months before itself to purchase the DT 770 PRO's. After searching for something that could fit softly on my ears, playing back audio for extended hours without any irritation or fatigue, and something that can be used for mixing and monitoring at the same time, Yes, I went with the right choice, and will go for it, even if it was now.

Fantastic pair of headphones, my most used piece of audio equipment (DT 880)

By TreDay, 10/11/2014
I first purchased these almost 5 years ago and they've been my "daily driver" since then. One of the most important aspects I was looking for in a set of headphones was comfort. Prior to these, I owned a pair of Grado SR60is and while they were okay sound quality wise, there were murdering my ears. I wear headphones for hours a day, so I wanted something very comfortable. The DT880s fulfill that desire. The clamping force is just right, the headband isn't noticeable, the set is fairly light and the pads are soft. It's easy to not notice they're on your head.

I listen to a large variety of music ranging from things like House, Drum and Bass, and Garage to Bossa Nova and Jazz to hardcore punk, post-punk, etc. I don’t feel like there’s any genre where the DT880s are particularly weak. Some may find the bass a bit light for some of the more bass heavy electronic genres, but I’ve never felt like the DT880s were “missing” the bass, so much as not over emphasizing it. It still conveys things like sub-bass well, even if it’s not rattling your jaw.

The sonic character of the DT880s is very clear and analytical. In addition to music listening, I also use the set for sound design and music production so I wanted a pair of headphones that were very revealing and I’d say the DT880s are excellent in this aspect. They are a little trebly, which can result in some sibilance with things like female vocals. The DT880s also have a fairly decent soundstage giving music, movies, and games stereo width.

Ultimately, in this price range, I haven’t seen another pair that quite ticks all my boxes like these. If I were to go back in time knowing what I know now and shop for a pair of headphones in this price range, I’d still pick up the DT880s.

+ Extremely comfortable
+ Clear and revealing sound

- Treble is a little on the hot side

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Published on 04/01/16
Sonarworks has added five new models to its list of default calibration curves for Reference 3 Headphone.

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