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moosers's review (ER6)

By moosers, 14/06/2010
The Etymotic ER6's are a set of in ear headphones designed for general listening purposes. They are isolation headphones, so they are designed to block out any and all noise. I know Etymotic's work from their ear plugs, but I guess that these are in the same vein as well. I generally don't like wearing in ear headphones for too long, but the ER6s are actually pretty comfortable. I've only used them for listening to music on my iPod, as opposed to using them for use in the recording studio or for professional audio. They definitely have a clean and full sound to them, with a good amount of low end response for a set of in ear headphones, but I wouldn't do any audio work on them unless it was basic editing. They would however be suitable for checking mixes on if you wanted to get a new perspective on your mix through a consumer set of headphones. I don't think that the ER6's would be my first choice for in ear headphones, but I definitely couldn't fault someone for going with them as they are a very solid set of headphones. Everybody's ears are different, and when it comes to choosing a set of in ear headphones especially, it's important that they fit well and that you're comfortable more than anything. For this reasoning I'd recommend testing out the ER6's as well as many other in ear headphones to see what will be most comfortable and what will sound best for you. While the ER6's aren't the cheapest in ear headphones on the market, they're also better than most of them out there as well. These are definitely a set of headphones that are worth a second glance for those interested in picking up a nice set of in ear headphones.

Intras of thought for musicians or audiophiles (MC5)

By Azgar, 14/10/2011
How long have you use it?
6 months

What is so special that you love the most, least?

the most:
-Insulation, on this point they beat a flat seam while the other ITE I listened. According to the caps on a different comfort and insulation. With tri fringes insulation is very good but still relatively linear (coupled with an ideal hf is back to play in ear sur seine a comfortable volume (keyboard I)), with foam insulation tips is extreme , with audio at a single bar on my minidisc I does not happen in the subway station and the fire siren on the street is almost inaudible)
-The sound is very specific and particular analytic ideal to hear all the details of a mix. Low révellent do that after a hundred hours of listening, the first few weeks it felt like to listen to Yamaha NS10 (the bass is very accurate but have no depth) fortunately the show after a few weeks to burn, but it is very balanced (or forgot his beats and big bass koss dripping, here the sound is analytical). After several weeks of the acute burn becomes softer and blends perfectly with the middle of the spectrum.
-Sensitivity is enormous, the coup was coupled isolation we do not push the player has more than 3 bar, which has the effect to increase the backup time.

the least:
-The tips are quite uncomfortable to remove the ear canal (especially trifranges) the coup once in place was not too keen to remove them (I only use the personal trifranges for playing live to not be completely cut the scene without me destroying the ears by the drummer's cymbals hitting next), for travel by public transport I use foam.
-Laying in the ear canal is difficult (especially with trifranges) so that the insulation is optimal and the sound is as hard to the left than the right (there is a video on their site that explains it).
Burn-time is very long shot of the first few weeks were a little disgusted because the treble and bass bite n'on no body.

Have you tried many other models before buying it?
yes: apple, sony, jays, akg, Klipsch audio and sleek.

How would you rate the quality / price?
excellent, but a flat because of the comfort for optimal comfort and isolation should opt for more tips about doing custom charged € 100 or opt for mosses back quite expensive because they must renew often.
So I found a tip economical, I get the foam used provided the small rubber tube in the center, then I bought a box of 100 pairs of balls boxes "ear classic soft snr 36". Every week I change about the foam (as a matter of hygiene and comfort), for that I drilled the balls on the body length with a screwdriver and then I slipped the small tube into the hole, and that house of foam to 60cents per pair in 5 minutes (I get the tube each time)!

With experience, you do again this choice?
yes, I found nothing until now as insulation, I can listen to jazz a very low level (only one bar on the md) without being bothered by the noise of the metro or the outside. On stage it's perfect as a return in ear and it feels good to ears (I have a friend who also uses drummer).
For the stage, it is much cheaper than the ER4, you just add a hf or cable xlr jack 5 or 10 meters in order to be connected to the patch. If you opt for a cable put a volume control on it and always asked the sound engineer to send the sound to the max (it is better that it is you who set the volume on the cable or the hf, to avoid accidents).

Be careful not to push the sound because it could be very very violating to your ears.