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Sony MDR 7506 - forum Headphone

Sony MDR 7506. Bought these used headphones on ebay from USA.
I avoided buying them from China for half the price, because I know these are probably fakes.
However, now I saw that it says "Made in china" on the headphones themselves.
I've searched for a lot of "real vs fake" and from the appearance they seem to be real.

Were genuine MDR 7506 headphones ever made in china?
Would these people even type "Made in china" on their fakes?
I can't say if they sound good or not, because I have no experience with monitor headphones. All I can say is that heavy metal sounds very harsh and unpleasant through them on higher volume.
In the back of your mind I think you know better. If it's half the price and shipped from half way across the world, particularly tom China

I bought Sony MemoryStick 4 tb modules. They looked EXACTLY like the real ones except when I put them in the Sony devices, the device pointed out it was a fake!
ahhhh how seductive saving money can be....I usually don't use chinese knockoffs except for next-to-authentic football jerseys (which truly are amazing!) since I'm not going to spend 100EUR on a bloody nikefit jersey when I can get it for 20EUR from thailand :)

hope the headphones worked out for you
I would never purchase these headphones simply because MDR is like our version of lol here in france (mort de rire meaning dying from laughter) :oo: