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Good surprise ... to rock! (Major)

By Mc.redneck, 30/09/2014
I use it for a few days. Nothing like a "monitoring" model that will be far more linear, better insulated, built better but much more expensive.

So here is my opinion. It is ONE thing, he did well, do not ask him more.

I think it's a real bias on the part of the manufacturer, and I must say I find it successful.

I was offered this headphone, and generally speaking, in utlisation pro I use better quality headphones (Ultrasone, AKG, Sennheiser.). Me here at last it is a nomadic headset to listen to MP3.

it's comfortable, it takes a little ears warm. I find it quite suitable for the insulation of the nomad (in town it can not be too bothered by outside noise, but not to be surprised by either traffic for example.) Is also quite light.

I listen to mostly rock with. The pads are soft and thick, and it does not serve me too skull.

For a headphone of this bill can not expect a flawless production. Swaged wire and jack a little cheap may decrease its life expectancy.

This is where it gets interesting. This headphone made me smile at its output, a range of headphones nomadic stamped Marshall did not give me confidence, CA smelled rather crappy marketing plan than anything else.

And bah bah ... and in the end it's not bad. Not bad for the rock, and that's where I think Marshall did a good job. I will not make a toast on the material to its "right" or "colored" I like certain products in each category. The strength of this headphone is precisely that it is adapted to its logo. The report will be average or mediocre on other styles of music, but the large width of the soundstage really helps loosen the intricacies of mix (vocals / keyboards / strings, "artistic" effects of compression ..) that often go to the hatch. The bass are not artificially inflated (which usually just fills me. A kiss to Beats and Bose in passing.) So serious (Low / Bass drum) take out their place in the mix. The highs are a little muffled, probably an old reminiscence fans JCM 800,) and the mids are a bit inflated, thereby enhancing rather subtle sound of guitars, but also to highlight the speech intelligibility, and this is also really nice. The headphone is not a monstrous potato, thereby not making the listening tiring after a while.

I also tried on guitar preamp and I find the results quite satisfactory for playing guitar with headphones. light, not overwhelming, comfortable and rewarding.

Pretty, but ... (Major)

By newjazz, 18/06/2014
I have long used in my home studio the AKG K140, and for several years the Audio-Technica ATH-M50, a marvel of value, which for 50 € more buries the righteousness Marshall sound level ( but it is true that there in between the headphone monitoring category ...)

Otherwise, listening to "hifi" I also had the Sony and Sennheiser, which I was pretty happy.

So finally, I would say that this headphone is nice, not a bad end, but the bass reproduction at once too "generous" and messy (my copy anyway) makes listening very unpleasant.

I used this headset to go with my iPhone. No concern for comfort, "small" atria not bothered me beyond measure.

Manufacturing is correct, but no more: it happened a pad detaches. Even if just the reclipser to the headset at this price level we begin to expect better.
No detachable connections ... as on most headphones so it's not really a criterion (say that it is rather pleasant surprise when a LA model the offers).

Good audio balance is clearly THE weak point of this headphone. While some here have heard a predominance of mid-high, I found my way over-representation of low, whatever the style of music listening. And even if they were accurate ... but no, it's drool everywhere.
The frequency response of these headphones vary it with a copy to the other?