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User Review

abdel42's review - Crown CM 320

J 'Use this microphone for 8 or 9 months.

What I like most is all just the quality of the microphone on scne I use in HF with a system that Shure. But I also have a KMS 105 and above (ie wire) and it compares favorably surpporte.

I like the least, the windshield can be a bit cumbersome (but so little)

I tried an array of micro headband before throwing it on my dvolu l. (I must say just follow the track of Peter Gabriel) emissions because it is the head that it uses.

report quality price (about 300 euro) really plays in his favor ... because it seems to me unless the contrary it may have the prize for the best headset microphone head.

I exprience with this choice without hsiter remake, but I feel it is a micro hard to find, and finally trs few references. (Is not I who about this form?)