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User Review

moosers's review - DPA Microphones SC4060

The DPA Microphones 4060 is a miniature sized condenser microphone for use in the recording studio. Perhaps you could use this to record a live show, but I don't have any experience in doing so. I believe that they sell the 4060 also as a stereo pair, which is the context that I've used it under. If they don't have a stereo pair to buy, I guess it was just two of them unmatched, but for some reason I think they were matched. The mic has a omnidirectional polar pick up pattern and picks up the full frequency spectrum of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The mic is extremely small, making them easy to place in tight places or on a person, although I haven't tried it for that type of use.


The only situation where I've used the DPA Microphones 4060s on is for recording acoustic piano in a professional recording studio. It is very easy to place these microphones inside the piano from the top, and doesn't require even opening the lid of a grand piano, which is great if you need to isolate the sound. In fact, you could just leave them in there, barley knowing that they're even in there! The sound of the 4060's are very clean sound and have a great attention to detail. The detail factor is really what makes them so great for recording acoustic piano and other acoustic instruments. I've yet to have the chance to use the 4060s for anything other than acoustic piano, so I can't comment on any other applications. You do need to be quite careful with these microphones, as they are so small that they can be easily broken without even knowing it. However, the good news is that they aren't nearly as expensive as you might think, and are actual quite affordable. I don't know how useful these would be in a home studio, as to me it seems like their main benefits would be most beneficial in a larger, professional environment. If you are looking for a great sounding microphone that has the stealth to slip into places other larger microphones cannot fit, the DPA Microphones 4060s would be one of my first recommendations.