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User Review

Not bad - Reviews Shure WH20XLR

Dynamic headband microphone (for the song ... mostly logic).

So dynamic ... not require phantom power.

Frequency response: 50Hz-15kHz (narrower than a lot of microphones).


Recently purchased, I had already bought a few years ago in Jack version, but sold.

I immediately plugged in my keyboard amp, instead of a Sennheiser E835 (good basic dynamic vocal microphone for about 80 euros). Speaking, I was surprised by the lack of output level he had in relation to the E835, but when I actually started singing, it went much better.

Overall, the level is still a bit weak and needs to push the volume.

The frequency response is narrower and increases the medium, presumably to mitigate the 'POP' (in the grave) and 'SSSS' (in acute).

In its "pure", it is not great but there must be a way to fix it in the mix.

Personally I plug in a Roland VP330 vocoder, and it's great! The result is slightly better than my E835. The frequency response is perhaps something ...

Summary: In its pure, it's not the top but it happens. To use a vocoder, it's excellent!