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Epic Drums (Evolve)

By tarrtime, 24/12/2012
Heavyocity Evolve is software instrument of cinematic sounds. It contains drum loops, individual drum hits, melodic instruments, and stingers/transitions (think whooshes/big hits movie trailers). The software runs runs inside of Kontakt (or Kontakt Free) from Native Instruments. I purchased the DVDs of Evolve, but I think I can also be directly downloaded at this point from the Heavyocity website or the NI website. Authorization is completed using the NI Service Center.


Heavyocity Evolve received a major update since its release to include a new GUI and trigger effects. I definitely enjoy using this library more since the update. The trigger effects are great - they allow you to temporarily add some effects by simply pressing a key on your keyboard. When I am using Evolve, I don't end up using a lot of the trigger effects, but they are perfect in the rare event you want to add a special effect.
Although the sounds are unchanged in the major update, there is a fair amount of increased flexibility and control of the included sounds that make the update highly recommended. Compared to the original release, the upgrade changes the way the drums loops can be triggered. In the original release all the drums loops were mapped across the keyboard for triggering - one loop per key. This is a useful way to access the loops especially if you want to build up many layers of drum loops. With the update, each individual loop was made into individual Kontakt instruments. The individual pattern is stretched out across the keyboard with each 'hit' on a different key. This is useful if you just want to sample the snare drum from a loop without the rest of the loop.


Heavyocity Evolve is a sample library of cinematic drum sounds and melodic instruments. Of all the Heavyocity Evolve libraries I own (Mutations 1 and 2, Damage), the melodic instruments in Evolve are the least usable. I've found that it takes a fair amount of tweaking to get a decent sound. I think the Heavyocity team have really improved this aspect in the more recent releases. The drum library is quite extensive. It has tons and tons of loops. Layering these loops makes it really easy to get the 'car-chase' sound. The individual drum hits are epic right out of the box. They are perfect for adding extra impact to the loops.
I am not a film composer. Although this library was created mostly for film, I use it to had extra effects to rock music. I have been really happy with the results.

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