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Monitor Audio
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User reviews on Hi-Fi Monitor Audio products

One of the best values in hi end today (GX 200)

By no access for class D, 22/02/2016
The Monitor Audio Gold GX 200 is for sure one of the best values in the price range up to 7000 $ or even more. It's one of the most elegant designs of today's loudspeakers and beautifully veneered. Bass performance is simply one of the best I've ever experienced, both tight and remarkably deep. The medium spectrum ist very open and packed with details. Just neutral at its best. Highs are in the same league, very informative and sparkling - but not aggressive (unless you use very bad recordings). Summed up, you get a precise, very entertaining sound that is both "fast" and natural, offering an almost "live" caracter. If there's a "but", you could name the soundstage, that is more laterally present than very deep. Goes for all kinds of music. For example, a revelation for techno sound, but also ......... classical works ! A real allrounder ! The good news is that the successor model (same size), the new Gold 200 is yet more homogeneous, with yet increased precision and improved imaging (= deeper soundstage, which seems now to be perfect). Just avoid harsh sounding equipment and cables, then you shouldn't go wrong. Must be neutral or slightly warm stuff and precise in any case. And allow a long running-in time !

Very well balanced. Superb finish (Silver RS6)

By Fabburo, 13/01/2014
I bought a pair of RS6 used in the UK. The sound is very balanced on classical, jazz, rock. They are not bi-wired but the sound is excellent.