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User Review

Kamakazuu's review - Millenium DCH-SET01 KABEL HI-HAT

I've had two months. Charley is a cheap cable, and it is the price that attracted me in the first place (70 €). The goal was for me to get rid of my IronCobra, quite heavy to lug around, and have a more comfortable playing position.
This is my first charley cable, so I too thought of the feeling of the other models. However, at € 300 DW model, I guess it's fluid and flexible on the rest of the range.

The paper therefore contains the hi-hat, which does not unmount, and a clamp. The clamp is strong and lightweight, this side of RAS. The pedal is frankly cheap however, but as all of this trademark.

After testing, I'm a little disappointed with the kicking game. To compare, I put the same on my cymbals IronCobra and the Millennium. The difference is obvious. Must be pressed hard to close the well charley, nuances are unmanageable. This has to come from cable (long) which induces a kind of latency.
To the "on-off" any animal in a metal (eg, double bass drum), it seems appropriate, especially since we won in ergonomics compared to a conventional set up of the drum circle.

Strengths of the beast:
- Stop a removable insole
- Rab spring for top cymbal
- A toothed wheel pedal to the tension side
- Small footprint (compared to models or Yam DW)
- The strong clamp that is given as a bonus
- Price! (The price of a fixed XHat)
- Cable length sufficient to do everything (2m) ...

No glop:
- The cable removable medium quality
- The title is not terrible, but for the price ...
- ... and suddenly, we can not put a shorter cable if you need this charley left.
- Attachment level pedal / chain is not terrible, it's a screw that has found a way to block during a game
- Especially the sensitivity, real bad.

Conclusions: Charley is not a principal, clearly not suited to play "conventional". I think I do the handyman at the cable and see if there are ways to ease the thing, remove the latency and make the removable cable.
Appointment in 2 months!
Meanwhile, the price was a super X-hat cheap, so to be redone.