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User Review

aphexhead's review - AKG K 280 Parabolic

One of my favorite AKG made in Austria.

96 Purchased around 2000 and some Franks, he still belongs to the best 21em centuries. The sound is completely neutral, accurate and clear! The sound spectrum is well defined thanks to its 4 HP (2HP therefore parabolic in each side earphone). It feels really good stéréo.Les serious and are just perfect for treble is simply <span class="skimwords-unlinked">impressionnant.Il</span> easily reproduce the lowest notes to 20Hz.Le AKG280 is a pro studio headphone and volume levels provided no crazy distorsion.C is the 75 <span class="skimwords-unlinked">ohms.Il</span> is comfortable and light enough to wear on the head. Thoman on I found the bushings AKG 280 velor and leather and cables in case.
AKG 280 is the high end, it is fully usable in 2012. Standard parts such as bands, bushings, cables, etc. are likely to be available for long because AKG280 is still used in the current line-up of studio headphones.
It is difficult for me to find fault in this <span class="skimwords-unlinked">casque.Si</span> perhaps I would have preferred it to be closed and not <span class="skimwords-unlinked">semi-ouvert.Sa</span> construction date is 1996 or the period is associated with a AKG Harman Kardon product on all headphones incredible richness to our ears.
For information, AKG headphones were manufactured in Austria and from 2010-2011 the firm was bought AKG by <span class="skimwords-unlinked">Chinois.Donc</span> to my great regret, you will not find all the same quality conception.J did it experience buying a model AKG 142HD (120EUR) made in china 2012 and my little old AkG 100 (not HD and 600Francs) made in Austria in 1998 and it was a good time comique.j, still laughing as I write these words so I scammed by doing the thing <span class="skimwords-unlinked">chine.Le</span> 142 HD (high Denatured) took water.