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User Review

Very suitable for stereo listening - Reviews AKG K 701

Value For Money : Excellent
I use it for a year, I tested a few other headsets before, but for audiophile listening, I have a habit AKG.

What I like most about this headphone is the pleasure of listening and comfort, what I like least is its appearance, it is almost as light as a headset Beats.

The value for money is good, and with the experience I would do this choice.

I use the headphones connected to a stereo to listen to music.

It easily adapts to the head and covers the ears perfectly, without fatigue when extended wear, the pads on the ears are nice enough not to give too hot.

I'm listening to the headphones for classical music, rock, pop, techno and electro.

The pads are comfortable, the headband that rests on top of the skull is made of leather with a soft touch.

The headphone is solid.
The cable is not detachable, it ends with a male connector 6.35mm stereo jack, and comes with an adapter to switch to 3.5mm stereo jack (we see more often the reverse).
I've had less than a year, it does not degrade the moment.

The audio quality is nice for audiophile listening (a mellow rather focused on midrange). it is not an analytical headphones, it does not highlights the shortcomings of his, it tends to produce a round.

Sound level is not very high, it is well suited to the stereo.

It is an open headphone, so those around you hear what you hear, so it's a headset to be used at home, all alone, but he did not use it in a place public, unless you want to be part of that filthy headphones bawl in trains ..