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User Review

rollandh's review - AKG K 701

The top. Not try other Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic but what I mean perfectly matches my expectations. Absolute fidelity to virtually the entire spectrum. The soundstage is clear, super-detailed. It does require many many hours of running. One perceives clearly the sound change as the hours enchainent (count between 250 and 300 hours). Is open it does not pressure on the ears, you can almost forget it (this happened to me once or twice). Now it's happiness. Through a good conversion DA, albums like the black album of Metallica Wakafrica Manu Dibango become incredible. All the details pop ears. Defects as well. Amandine Bourgeois The album was completed in 2 months and we hear very little flaws here and there too many instrumentals on each other. The wind will prevail in Black From 'however, is amazing details carefully measured. Little damper on those who love the bass strong enough, here it is not the case, they are very accurate but not flattering for a penny. So if you look listen more pronounced on that side, I believe that other models or brands will be more suitable. Matter of taste. Plays for my reference in any case it suits me very well. Price not given even when a headphone, but the quality is really there.

edit 30 June 2010:
After several months of use, I find it a tad too hi-fi despite his great qualities. In fact it makes very "listenable" much of what he has, on the sudden we can "appreciate" an overall mix, but to rule in finalizing registration is not necessarily the top. That said it is very space and its frequency band is wide. Plays for pleasure is really cool, and later the "mix" with a little less I find.

M'enfin no mistakes, I do not completely account for resale. On the contrary, its utility is different from what I expected, but it's still a super super headphone.