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User Review

What fun! - Reviews AKG K 701

I bought this headphone 1 year ago for 209 euros via a German mail-order site.
My use: for music and videos on the internet, but especially for the practice of computer music: composition, but also to simply play my keyboard without disturbing those around me too.
I tried a few other references headphones: Beyerdynamic, Sony, Sheneiser .. in a store, but none really satisfied me.
The K701 is not available in this store, I finally bought on the advice of users who I trusted, and they were right!
I used a headphone for several years Sony ® entry level, and the difference did not wait!
What I like is the balance of sound delivered by this headphone: a clear and well defined, even in the low present just as it takes to be accurate and not invasive.
I also find the minutes of the spatialization of sound (pan, reverb, etc ...) simply excellent.
Finally, very important criterion for me is that this headset is very comfortable: Despite his size he is very light, its ingenious system of arches provides a good fit on the head loosely and large velvet cushions covered include well ears without crushing them.
It can be worn several hours and almost forget it ...
Incidentally, I also appreciate having the support that goes with it, it's more convenient for storage without damage. It also allows for "exposing" because I think it's finally also a beautiful object combining a fairly modern design (borrowing from Apple style ...) and more traditional with the leather headband.
Defects in, if we find ...
I appreciated that there is a socket for the cable from the headset.
It would not have Deplus black.
It is an open headphone that does not fully isolate and above still leaves make a little noise that can disturb the environment ... but hey it's not the cata either.
To see how the system headband that has many plastic parts will take time ...
Finally, as a small fan, I still winced a bit by paying such a sum for this headphone, but it was soon forgotten! I do not regret buying this headphone shows that efficient, comfortable and versatile, and I hope to keep long.
I would do this choice today without hesitation!