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AKG K77 Stereo Headphones - Reviews AKG K77

The AKG K77 is a set of over the ear stereo headphones. They're all black and grey, the usual AKG color scheme. I've been playing bass and keyboards for a very long time, as well as working professionally as a vocal and acting coach. I use these headphones for listening to music as well as recording. I am currently in a group called Shutterdown, an electronic effort, although the majority of my work previously has revolved around jazz, funk, blues, and classical music.

I got them for $20 (a STEAL) when the theater company I worked for decided to sell off most of their sound equipment when the system got redesigned. They are by no means old or worn, either. Practically brand new. I got them because my Sennheiser eH150's finally gave out.

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I like the sound through the headphones. It is, at least, a clean sound. For $20, that's okay.

I don't really care for the way they fit over my head, the spring-loaded earpiece adjustment design leaves some tension on my head and can leave me with a headache after a few hours of use, something that didn't happen previously with my Sennheisers. The speakers are a little small for my taste, and I really doubt that they didn't have room to put something at least a little bigger and warmer in. Also, the over-the-ear padding doesn't really go over my ear. It just kind of rests around it, another result of the spring-loaded adjustment system. The Sennheisers just clicked into place. No tension. They just rested where they were supposed to be.

The right earpad is starting to peel away from the speaker, and I'm taking better care of these than I did with my Sennheisers. I'd say the construction is fair.

So, the Sennheiser eH line is much cheaper than the $50 these AKG's go for brand new, and I VERY MUCH prefer the Sennheiser line. Not only in terms of tone, but also in terms of comfort. These are hardly worth the $20 I paid, let alone $50. Sure, they get the job done, but not very comfortably...and not very well overall. They get a 2, but only because they're functional.

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