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User Review

Surprise! - Reviews Audio-Technica ATH-AD900

Very recent acquisition, headphone during break!
I tried the DT770/880/990 Beyer, Sennheiser HD650, AKG K701 AudioTechnica and A700, with a CD compilation of various capacities and different (BO, jazz, classical ...) and a CD with some tests on my personal instruments electronic, so the stereo on one side and the home studio of the other.

The headphone seems to me fairly neutral and natural in its sound, beautiful clarity of the treble, a major deep clean without smearing and spacialisation particularly accurate. For the story, I used to date a Sony MDR-CD1000, not ridiculous at all, despite the past 20 years!

Impedance of 35 ohm, 5-35000hz, 100db!

Nothing to say in comfort, it's all good, the headset weighs 250g, good build quality, as the models mentioned above.

If it again, yes, I was left in the idea of ​​having a DT880, and here I am with that of AD900 Audiotechnica I did not really know!
This is especially made homestudio that made me choose this headphone, the other I do not really always recognized my sound, finding some headphones a little too cozy, too sweet in the treble, only the AKG K701 was a competitor for sure.
This does not diminish the qualities of Beyer or Sennheiser, there is a matter of personal taste and well-defined criteria.