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User Review

fifours's review - Beyerdynamic DTX900

I recommend this headset to both amateur musicians and they were absolutely delighted.
- Having several high-end headphones Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser HD600, this little headset economic (63 €) has a good spectral balance (low-medium-high), stamps just sounding, stereo sound and dynamics are the game also. In short it has a musical coherence of a good standard (it swings in the ear) and may regret the purchase even more expensive.
- His weakness is that it is all plastic and it has certainly not the strength of its big brothers Beyerdynamic.
- The headphone should, in my opinion, perfect for a TV, computer, music player or a small laser scanner headphones, but be careful it is open and you can hear everything from outside.
- His musicality / price ratio is the best (10/10), also the comfort (10/10), quality workmanship a little less (7 / 10) Final Score 9 / 10 deserved.