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User Review

shinobils's review - Ultrasone HFI-700

I use these headphones for 3 weeks. I use it for listening to stereo at home and some small work of editing and mixing.

It's really a very pleasant surprise, I do not conaissais this brand and bought blindly taking advantage of a promotion on a site of VPC: I needed a headphone "home". The sound is very airy closed for a headphone and very neutral (not in the sense monotonous but rather "natural") regardless of the style of music. I did not even need to change the default settings of my amp, it seems that the headphone fits him very hard to listen. The sound "slap" is amplified but is "flexible" and does not attack regardless of the volume: it's very nice for the ears. And after a few hours of running is even better. With music like reggae, dub, techno and in general for all the discs offer great bass is a joy: The frequency response range is excellent and no one comes to eat the other. The bass is pure and does not saturate even at high volume (Personal test with a cd "special infrabass" after running). Viewing the DVD in "Dolby Headphone" (according to the manufacturer's website, it is optimized for ca ...) gives excellent results and a very good surround image even if it does not replace a 5 eneintes true home theater course. The sound insulation is good without being exceptional and even more inside: I did try a friend that I usually listen to the volume and I heard nothing. It is very important to me because the walls are thin and I can not wake my neighbors and roommates ...

Weaknesses: comfort. The headphone has a tendency to tighten around the ears and to sweat. I'm used to but after a few hours non-stop we are not unhappy to remove it. Over time, foams soften and eventually it is more comfortable but the first impression may put off some. In addition, it is quite heavy, not very flexible, "glue" to the well head, "strangles" when placed around the neck and is therefore not suitable for applications such as dj. Otherwise it seems robust but I'm waiting to see how long the foam will hold: daut that contrary to the range "pro" of Ultrasone, it is not possible to change the worn components ...

The price / quality ratio is very good if the reliability in the long run is to go. At least for the sound, it was worth some more expensive headphones that I tried in stores hifi.

If I had to buy me one I will not hesitate, at least not right away anyway, he must take me at least 3 years lol.

In conclusion, a very good closed headphones for use stereo or the work of semi-pro studio. You just suporte its presence in the head and its relative lack of comfort. However, its weight and lack of flexibility are not suitable for DJ or for outdoor applications.