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As (positively) surprising as they're little-known - Reviews Celestion Ditton 400

Value For Money : Correct Audience: Anyone
These Ditton are an excellent surprise. While I bought them without getting any user review first, I found these speakers to be soft-sounding, powerful, very balanced, endowed with a real presence and more redical than other Celestion speaker models. It's a matter of taste of course, but they are well above the Ditton Two & Three while sticking to the same style and materials.

Their softness requires to puch them so as to let their sound roam free on rock or classical music, but they're also more than fit for modern, electro sound (no I'm NOT talking of modern club sh** ;) ). I'm 26 and a real music fan, and I'm surprised to find such versatile speakers in series of that age.

Created by Celestion and built locally for national dealers, the usual screw terminals or high-quality veneer are replaced by more generic stuff, such as what could be done at the time by JM Lab / Focal. This changes nothing to the fact these Ditton 400 were Celestion's high-end by the end of the 1980s. They followed the famous Ditton 66 Legend, featuring rather similar balanced, powerful and precise sounds, but with a finish of a slightly lower quality - which shall be forgiven.

However, its durability is not affected in any way. Even if you'll have to renounce Celestion's usual "Made in Ipswich" mention, they were clearly built to last: an elaborated filer, tweeters, coils and suspensions that ain't degraded with time (except perhaps for the waving of the glue generously applicated underneath the frame by the technicians that built it, but since these are high-quality, rubber suspensions you'll just have to unglue it, clean it and re-glue it... or, the end of planned obsolescence :bravo: ).

I recommend them highly... But hush! ;) Let's not cause its price to skyrocket.

Here are the pictures from another happy Ditton 400 user I found on another forum... They're better than those provided by my old Samsung
photo photo photo photo