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JBL's true, great! - Reviews JBL Northridge N28

Value For Money : Excellent
I use them for 9 years, bought on the internet at the time without having listened.

2-way speakers 150W in 8ohms.
PolyPlas woofer 203 mm.
Titanium-laminate tweeter 2cm dome.
Cutoff frequency of 4000Hz.
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 90dB.
Frequency Response: 50-20KHz (-3dB)
Bass reflex before.
Magnetic shielding.
Dimensions: 495 * 305 * 241mm.
Weight: 10.2kg Unit

Before, I had tried that a few models. Since then, I could listen to several Triangle Celius 202, 202 Comet. Otherwise Q Acoustics 2020, or old Pioneer, Tannoy, JMLab Fisher. I'm talking about the tapping of several hours (because it's 5mn not that one has a clear idea except for what is bad.

Connected to a Denon avr2105, I am fully satisfied.
The bass is very present, and found the warm sound with JBL that roundness which never makes listening tiring. The soundstage is wide open; Spatialization of the instruments is slightly worse than with Triangle Celius 202 trendy on Marantz sr7500 but its much warmer, less cold and analytical as the Triangle (it's a personal opinion).

Positive: the warm sound, good power handling, present serious enough that I can not turn the box all the time in stereo.

Negative: The finish is not perfect, no more good (at the front vent, a slight trimming if you look closely).

The value for money is excellent, and everyone who could hear them believed they cost at least double ... see more

If it all over again, I have bought 6 of a sudden when they were still on sale. Besides, if someone sells ...