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User Review

excellent for a grandpa who send - Reviews Bang & Olufsen BEOMASTER 1900

To complement your opinion I share many of your comments on the timeless design and ease of use. I know this amp since childhood have inherited my father's when I was 8 years old at the time of a change in hifi system of the latter. My father gave me a whole B & O (platinum 1900+ BeoMaster 1900). One of my childhood dated from 1976 and passed away in 2001 due to my ignorance as I took this amp regularly at youth festivals until the evening of the summer of 2001 or the amplifier was connected to a group generator and placed on the back seat of a car ... He was silent around 3:00 am for abuse !! Put it down to mistakes of youth !!! Actually they are not nomadic amps!
Since the accident, three of his cousins ​​have passed through my hands. Beomaster 2400, 1900 BeoMaster again and he still currently in place on my daily installation, BeoMaster 1900-2. It runs with a Beogram 4002 and audiorama 4000. The record is really quality, audiorama sing wonderful and always in softness. Contrary to your opinion, I think the power is ample for a part of life that does not exceed 35m. Even at full volume the sound is good and only a low distortion which is pretty remarkable for a unit more than 30 years. on the other hand, for repair, it is true that it is a gas plant as Beogram elsewhere. All that to say that I do not know if it's nostalgia or if it's my ear from my childhood has been rocked by the sound of this amp but in 15 years I have changed, sold, traded many times to complete system for the final return to this BeoMaster 1900 which for me is a complete success and an ideal compromise between space savings, quality, sound rendering and design !!!