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HK Audio

HK Audio
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HK Audio is the 149th most viewed brand on AF

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Good Quality monitor (D.A.R.T)

By Michael Davies, 02/01/2019
Good monitors..Biamped , separate limiters on bass and compression driver speakers.
Very good gain before feedback as very smooth frequency response for vocals monitors but not powerful enough for drum fill or bass guitar...understandable as only 12 inch speaker. Very heavy speaker though as old analogoue technology not digital amp..If you are looking for a used pro monitor then buy one of these!!

HK Performer satelites (Lucas Impact)

By Branescu Razvan, 19/07/2018
Good technology but they screw up at the assembly line.
The lack of midrange is that the coils are putted in reverse.(result Ft is not 2Khz, it's 5Khz)
I chabged the driver with B&C DEH360, i didnt invert the coils (Ft=5k) but i have extended the midrange of the low driver (take off capacitor 10uF, put 2,2uF)

Now they sound very impresive, clear and flat...allmost equal NEXO PS8

News HK Audio

"Make Over My Rig" Contest

Published on 11/06/12
HK Audio USA, along with Lâg Guitars USA, VOX USA and Korg USA, are giving you a chance to win a live performance setup in a contest.

[NAMM] HK Audio Lucas Nano

Published on 07/12/12

HK Audio Linear 5 Series

Published on 04/04/12

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