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Hohner Bravo

Hohner Bravo III 72

User reviews on Hohner Bravo products

boboss2004's review (Hohner - Bravo III 80)

By boboss2004, 05/11/2004
Accordionist recently, I chose the piano accordion for ease of reference in his right hand. So I am acquiring a Hohner Bravo III 80. The instrument is quite light. It has 3 voice singing, two flutes and a bassoon. Which allows for five different registers, voice flute, voice, bassoon, flute + bassoon, 2 flutes offset, 3 full voice, voice + reminder of flutes and bassoons, which makes a total of 7 records. The sound is very good (well I find it good), the left hand, 4 voices, 3 registers.

as with any self-respecting 80 low, 5 rows of buttons, with two rows of low, major and minor chords and seventh.

the instrument comes with a very functional bag Hohner, padded, to keep away the intrument (attention still to large shocks). Cloth of the mark for pampering its instrument is provided (the black model is very sensitive to fingerprints ...), the straps are made of nylon, with a back strap, which is very convenient to play. The strap on her left hand is also a nylon

I find this a very good instrument "entry level" (1350 euros anyway!), The sound is a little metal in his left hand still, but all is okay!

Since I have, I play the accordion at least 2 hours every day (I started on an old model that does not sound fair at all! So with that there is happiness in every note! )