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as well as gretsch - Reviews DeArmond T-400

This is a skyscraper that kills for a great price right. (Guitar which it shall adopt the production around the year 2000) Made in Core: no one is perfect but more Gretsch APRS (super chet 1972, Tennessee 1962, 6120 1990), I opt for that of MODEL T 400 Duane Armond Eddy.Pas of Mystras, I day in a group of rockabilly / rockin 'round blues.Le is shuffled between my gretsch 6120 and 335.J 'have big hands and big fingers, it suits me perfectly.
The handle is flat like stratum of 70 (CBS), although all fawn fast but I do not play the Steve Vai.


Channel perfect size for my mimine me No secret, Access in acute is limited but that's normal is when even a semi-hollow (no, no, not 3 / 4 but half case) more comfortable handle report / case.


For rockabilly, swing, blues and rockin'blues, the microphones is a killer (I had a dj DeArmond M 75 with the same microphones) I play a peavey classic 30 head or Fender Bassman 4x10 cabinet and a peavey spar: at 'hard teeth devant.Aucun effect from a boss delay and reverb of the amp (it is a fact?) Serious nice and moist, the treble trs surf and two microphones sets are shuffled between Cochrane and Stevie Ray Vaughan: the fte


I bought it on the right corner of occas a guy in southern France.p a poc, superb tat.Seule galre, not when your fly box with is a real gal re because it is a 17 "just fucking evil: I found a holster at my usual dealer scratching St L (small wheat rotted in the handle) but if you slam the tune, remember that in the guild are DeArmond licence.Il Just find one of tui starfire or t 400 guild and everything is fine (the 200 fly, Gave a!) I play with scne and I will record in March with a plan studio.Je advises that guitar lovers hardcore rockabilly and jazz blues.Pour try with amps "smooth" and only on the neck pickup if a attack trop.Pas CHRE over a 5120 gretsch but better finished, with microphones and a great look that will bien.Au Duane Eddy fact, I brush 47 is my age !!!!!