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User Review

sergio91's review - Epiphone Zephyr Regent Reissue

The Zephyr Regent is simply the version "Epiphone" on Gibson ES 165 Herb Ellis type.
Why buy such a real guitar when possde ES175 in 1969?
Good question! It's just to go on runs of t under conditions summary is to be able to expose in the sun if it occurs the collection's outdoor is to be able leave it in the trunk when you eat in restaurants and so on. without getting too worried!
The shape of the body is identical to Gibson, the microphone is a humbucker "by design". The bridge is a tune-o-matic mtallique and there are only two buttons: bass / treble and volume.
We can not be simpler.


For a 2nd guitar, it can not be too demanding. However I sold my Cort "Yorktown" because I did not like the sound (a little solid body) and progressiv of knobs.
But making contact with the Epiphone diffrent is all because for 600 euros, it's a real jazz guitar. The handle is a little more than the original pais but drawing "D", it inspires confidence and gives a good stiffness all trs.
Form as the same as the Gibson I n'tais not dpays. The Zephyr Regent is lgre, enjoyable and above all ... branch and it was the sound IMMEDIATE. Although sr, it's a jazzy and smooth, but this is what we seek is not it?


I use several amps. MusicMan lamps, Roland Cube 40 and even Dean Markley 25WATT. No problem, even no feedback.
Yet to have an even more authentic it should replace the bridge with a wooden trestle and above him to the ropes course with a draft net enough. Do not force the serious SETTING THE amp and you can almost get closer to the atmosphere "P90".


I play rgulirement past year, no worries. One branch is jazzy and IMMEDIATE. The finish and hardware are okay but the guitar is beautiful, efficient, hassle free and really dedicates to jazz (classic).
There are a lot cheaper but I think it's a good choice in view of the extensive current supply.

Last dtail: no one ever talks about this guitar and there has never sell! is a good sign!