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User Review

SlapKid's review - Ibanez AF75

I have the orange model, for the great color. Not enough to keep this guitar that I sell after 3 years of virtual non-use ...
Rest assured it is a good guitar, very well done, in 4 years nothing has changed.
It's just that it is a hybrid product, in my view no good:
To play without amp is bad, the nerves do not take 10 minutes. Amplified to the volume is already too strong for the house because the volume of natural acoustic guitar. And frankly play crunch or distortion with the clean sound just as loud as the amp is not beautiful ...
So you have to play harder, locally safe neighbor for example, and not even missed bin: she left for feedback at every opportunity! I do not even talk of a possible bassist and drummer sidekick, not feasible.

So now, a complete impasse for me, trying not been too bad. To think ...


Good game, but access to acute lamentable my yamaha flamenco done better.
Good shape, 16 inches so small, depth of 70mm, lightweight, all good otherwise.
The pickups are pretty great, a remake of a successful tandem Jazz JeffBeck home seymour duncan, but not split-.
All very well-assembled welded-etc.


Warm and velvety but specific serious acid in acute and aggressive, and very funky in the middle, super simple and efficient to use.
I also installed these pickups on a Les Paul, very good result a real treat.

In practice, see the first chapter ...


Oh no, I want more. Neither a gretsch elsewhere, same story. I was even thinner (43mm thick) and it is not, in fact. It's more the concept that the instrument itself, although access is really acute rhédibitoire. For relapée Gretsch is not famous.

Jazz a less intrusive, since we played with clear not far from its natural acoustics, and it is not jazz. If you want one, take a cort yorktown is really better in the mind clean smooth and playable in the treble.

I am severely short on this one planted it ...