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User Review

thierryembrun's review - Ibanez AF85

Made in China. The bridge lacks a bit of play in clearing up but Grable. knob a volume and tone, and a micro round slecteur / mix / easel. Ibanez Pickups Humbucking Jazz trs good facture.Le handle is a bit wide for this kind of trs MODEL although many cargo; output height on the body and requires a fairly consquente raises important microphones.


Access in acute ais is not enough because of a heel pais. The game is if we cursive trs trs good handle RULES: minimum of curvature. Change the original string by installing a set trs deep draft (12/52), if possible net flat: you can "lower the ride height" and compensate dplacement a bit long string rope saw the width of the handle. The tailpiece is a bit massive but sturdy trs.
The weight is more qu'idal (hyper lgre for MODL).
The shield body is trs gadgtique and dvisse. Turn to avoid the unwanted noise.


When the sound is a joy for jazzeux! Neck pickup and mixed for semi-chorus or acoompagnement ARPG: hot sounds, round, incisive and trs own. The microphone is suitable for acute funky rhythm (with the effects and of course with accompaniments cl type rock / folk, but not its proper performance. So for the blues and accompaniment, it is quite bien.Il change of choice for pure instrumental pop / rock as adding effects fuzz, overdrive and decompression distos attack.
A little more rverb and chorus amnent the neck pickup you straight to the Pat Metheny with his DLIC, almost the sound of the same name Ibanez MODEL! The sounds are at the top for what is a jazz guitar, knowing that I have a very simple amp without lamps: Fender Deluxe, I find all of the same gain a comforting touch of Wes.
I recommend a rglage pots of volume 2 / 3 switches (mid-gain amp lightweight in between) and half for the neck pickup Tone. This is the micro INTERESTED: hot, round, sharp and to ractif Difference attacks. The highly efficient micro acute trs though of course for this type of acute MODEL: large range of r adjuster of Tone.


I use it for a week in addition to my Aria FA 30 (half box on which I put a neck pickup> Seymour and Di-Marzio pickup). I also three acoustic, a nylon (Godin) and two steel strings (Takamine and Applause). I jou two comparative MODELS: Aria FA 70 and Joe Pass. THE FIRST is far from the gallery for a price sesiblement identical, the second gure above. The original price of the Ibanez trs is attractive, even exceptional, and it is around 450 euros in equipment: no regrets yet about my choice!