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User Review

KaoticMan's review - Ibanez AM78T

Value For Money : Excellent
-Guitar Thinline (43 mm thickness) in construction China Saddle
21-rosewood boxes
Art-2-bridge with Bigsby Ibanez
-2 Humbuckers
Color Black Nebula makes this beautiful guitar, and every sunset, much more beautiful in pictures
The vintage vibrato is on .. vintage so use with prcaution dsaccorde very quickly because


Super scratch very easy to use from the Bigsby
The handle is smooth on the trs and behind the frets perfect, round semi pais so very easy to access even on the finishing touches thanks to the cut sides of the two cots.
trs good ergonomics, much less bulky than a traditional hollow body, this guitar is shaped like a Les Paul but Thinline, and less heavy than a Les Paul.
Classic 30 with my guitar gives me the blues well and can even see s'addonner to rock to hard but not well adapted to mtal despite a perfect palm muting


Trs good sound, but any low-end micro of the same, I think a change of habit for Les Paul


I scratched this possde recently, for the moment I can not use it much, but I am happy doing it all, she was my ideal in music ie the post-rock. It has a trs good value quality price as all models of Ibanez Artcore are all perfect. Single point within a micro switch if you want better sound, but that does not sound that bad.