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User Review

Anonymous's review - Ibanez AS50

Japanese manufacturing, this guitar is inspired by the Gibson ES 335, but the body dimensions are less than the "original", which earned him the nickname of Small Body.Ce model has been discontinued since 1983.
Originally, two humbucker pickups Super 59 with the patch is a bit sharper than the 57 Classic Gibson.Règlage volume and tone for each.
I replaced the pickups with Gibson 57 Classic 2 and it really rips.
But despite this, probably due to the "Small Body" is not a 335. Instead, a 339 in this configuration "customized".
22 jumbo frets.
The violin is perfect (which is not always the case of the model it was inspired!
Even with low action, it goes without zinguer!


D handle quite large but very nice, makes a good velocity.
Gotoh mechanical clutch, smooth and reliable.
Sound not always easy to find: the microphone / handle is hot, the next bridge is quite bitter, we must find the right balance depending on the style and the amp.
But once we have understood the trick ... !
In blues / rock, great combination with my distortion lamps 2 Seymour Duncan SFX 03 Twin Tube Clasica (the ultimate weapon!) And my Fender Blues Deluxe.


This guitar will allow you to jazz (fusion) to classic rock as long as the strings change depending on usage. By "flat mesh" for jazz, it sounds very sweet, very hot.
But attention, initially, it's not a Gibson, the sound is like, but it has its own character.
It will ideally be assisted by a Start or Tele (or other guitar with single coil pickups).
It is not at all adapted to the metal.


The model I own as of March 1982, and I use it regularly for six or seven ans.Je have exchanged (not purchased).
A perfect violin. An excellent guitar that is not a Gibson, but that has nothing to envy.
His rating from argus (between 600 and 800 euros) makes a guitar a very high quality / price ratio.
Only drawback: the difficulty of finding one. (Warning, a Korean model Artstar AS 50 is still marketed, but does not take the comparison with the model starting Artist 80).
So if you see a move to hand, try it, but cautiously, to try it, it is often adopted.