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User Review

SuperCasserolle's review - Ibanez AS200 [2014-Current]

Value For Money : Excellent
Ibanez AS200 artist.
Made in Japan.
Classic easel.
22 frets
Microphone type unknown
Handle large and comfortable with beautiful pearls.
2 volumes, 2 tones, 1 selcteur 3 positions (choice of pickups I think), another selector 3 postion to boost the sound.


Handle large and comfortable with beautiful pearls. On mine, I have a problem with strings that verge, the strings are a bit old, the bridge was rebuilt (the head). The frets are very worn. I intend to redo it (shrinking), and I also have a review of electronics to do.
I may be climbing over Gibson pickups. (Hesitate)
Ergonomics: it is a bit heavy, but we need for good sound quality, I think.
Access to treble is super (c why I like the art 335)
Readily obtained a good sound, in my opinion, I amused myself by trying to repeat the riff on Benson "Give me the night". And we arive to approach the sound of George Benson! He played with a 3 / 4, I believe.
I think the sound is pretty pro. Should they


your style of music?
Yes, I can play little wing (finally a personal imitation (gasp!)) or jazz or rock (or bossa, arpeggios, etc. ..) without seeking a sound 1 / 2 hour!
(I cons by ropes net flat, and rather to jazz)
I programmed my pedals BOSS ME 5 for sound and I dizailne I pass a microphone to the other or I mix the two.
I play with a Marshall 75 reverb, which has both a vintage and a very good speaker (Celestion, renowned brand in Hi Fi too (Ditton 66)).
lee adjustment I prefer:
Micro-handle a little reverb + + program ME5 emphasis of certain frequencies) + a little boost (selector): its soft and thick with stamp
-Same with the two microphones
Micro-acute disto ME + 5 (or RAT pedal) + booster.
Micro-acute disto ME + 5 (or RAT pedal) + chorus + booster.


Used for 5 years and I can not give an objective opinion since it must be refrettée. It is really well finished and comfortable to play.

I have owned:
-A semi-hollow guitar ES 345 TD Stereo Varitone. I bought very cheap at a store in Manosque, but in poor condition and without the original pickups. I'm re ais by a luthier and ask paf pickups seymour duncan. (I had put a EMG 81 in acute microphone (with preamp) but I drooled). I need money for resold at some point (I miss)!)

-A Les Paul Studio (black). Manche a bit thick and short finish, but a neck pickup sound! Super. But my favorite types are 335 for the acute attack and resonance of 1 / 2 box.

(I'd buy a Gibson ES 345 or a 175 Spanish ...)

The artist avai have 200 very good value for money, but it has appreciated in value!
It must be because she has a personality (patch, finish, comfort, ..) I do not think we find it from another manufacturer. Good guitar