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User Review

Not bad for a start in jazz - Reviews Ibanez AS73

Model 2005, manufactured in China, 22 frets neck, frets are small enough good intonation, correct wood without, surprisingly heavy guitar (requires central beam), design of the head narrower than the last, with a logo in abalone, CLEU better than being painted white. The woods seem pretty cheap and not dense enough and the assembly / bonding means as can be seen by removing the microphones. Otherwise, the design of the guitar is pretty nice, not too big size, nice cutaways. The finish of the handle is good, the rest is not spectacular but it is an entry level guitar.


Excellent playing comfort, Comfortable handle, making it a good scratch to start in jazz. We can play fast, fingers, the mediator, at the top or bottom of the handle is very nice. width, light radius, thickness, everything seems pretty smooth, it's a very good point because relatively rare at this price. Access to acute excellent, the guitar is very fair and adjusts very well. The tailpiece makes string changing a practice, the mechanics are very good strings and good balance, especially sitting at stake.


The three sounds available are good enough. They are clean, balanced, they hold the crunch and distos, but not transcendent.
neck position, its quite jazz, not too dry, warm, lacks a bit of musicality and finesse but can do everything. bridge position and use more blues crunch but rather in the heat is to go, no sound shrill or annoying. A little too dry and bland for my taste but I'm used to high-end microphones ... Please note, wood is a little "soft knee", the report suffers microphones, and even changing them, you will not "spring" and dynamyque an old model AS120 or other legendary jazz of the brand.
intermediate position useful but not essential.
A good point, the tone and volume controls are effective and useful, which makes this a good scratch versatility of jazz, blues and rock, short, not an exclusive guitar that is good when it starts. Another good point, sustain, surprisingly long.


Overall, at € 230 with hard case, it is a good deal, install flat rope mesh pulling harder is desirable, and for my part, I also opted for a change of pickups. I installed my classic leosound 57 (alnico2) and then the sound is much more musical and rich (phew!) And the dynamics much better, even if the cash is not the best there is. The three positions are now softer and more jazz / blue, a treat that dates back considerably the level of the instrument.

So it's hard to let go for writing. I think the AS93 that has brought prices down and finish a much better production, and of course the profit will go into the sound and the look also, as the AS73 is a bit austere must admit.
Most round, playing comfort, versatility, clean sound, price
the wood-and violin, sounds a little harsh, sober finish.