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User Review

You can't be wrong with it - Reviews Yamaha SA2200

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
Yamaha SA2200 is definitely one of the best semi-hollow body guitars in the market. It does not matter where one starts, from the production perspective, i.e. technology, materials, labour, or from the guitar players' perspective, it is very, very hard for other brands to bid this one - made in Japan by Yamaha. The finish is flawless and electronics are uncomplainable. Wood and materials are of a high quality grade similar to those used by Gibson to make their ES models. I have not found any issue with the structure of the guitar. Yamaha uses ebony to make fretboards for the SA model and more expensive guitars. It gives more high ends, more crunchy sounds and more sustain. Gibson uses rosewood that gives more low ends and warmth. Tone is a personal preference. However, using the tone control knob with Push-Pull Coil Split, I can produce sounds that are more similar to a Fender Strat. Ebony is denser and harder hence more solid and durable than rosewood. The feel is so smooth and very comfortable when playing the guitar the first time. Surprisingly, Yamaha SA2200 has a much lower price than Gibson ES models. So if I had to choose between Yamaha SA2200 and a Gibson ES as free gift, I would take the Gibson then sell it to buy the Yamaha.