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D class (D45)

By sw80, 16/11/2012
The D-45 is a 2 35 watt amp with 4 Ohms and another 2 25 watts at 8 ohms. You can purchase this amp now much cheaper than you could when it first came out which makes it a steal now and a must have. You can rack this amp up and it will only take up one rack space. It is very durable for the road in case you are a traveling musician. The D-45 has 2 channels and 2 XLR or TRS inputs but it has no DSP. That is the main difference between this model and the more expensive models from Crown (no DSP).
This Class AB+B amp will provide you will all of the power you need to get a great sound out of your set up in no time. There is no set up process involved and it is very easy to use. When I was using this for my system I made sure that I had some very good cables to go along with it to give my sound the best possible sound that I could give it for an affordable price. This amp only cost around 700 dollars now and was a little more when it first came out. Crown makes some of the best amps and when they came out with this one I was very skeptical at first with it not having DSP.
Crown drops this amp with a full coverage 3 year warranty in case something happens but I don’t think anything can happen to this amp because it is built like a tank. The 3 knobs that are on the front are very easy to turn and they are not the type that will break off it you put too much force on them. This amp could last you a long time. I have used many Crown amps and the D class amps they make are some of the best out.

TableTop (PCC-170SW)

By stompboxjon, 01/11/2012
The Crown PCC-170 is a surface microphone that can be mounted to just about anything. It is a condenser microphone that only cost 300 dollars and it is perfect for tables, podiums, and desktops. It has a max SPL of 120 dB and an output impedance of 150 ohms which is good for a microphone of this size and price. The frequency response is 50 Hz to 20 kHz and the polar pattern is hemispherical.


I have used this microphone for meetings for several occasions and even had it on a small table top podium. It is pretty small and it is also flat so it does not stick up very far from the surface that it is on or mounted to. The PCC-170 being the size that it is makes it pretty discreet and under the radar. The sound quality is decent. I have heard lot better from other surface microphones but for the price you just will not get much more because when it comes to table top or surface microphones you have to approach them differently than you would any other type of microphone.
The PCC-170 does not pick up a lot of external or surrounding noise that is going on. It is pretty direct when picking up voices so you will need to be within 2 to 3 feet from it for your voice to pick up clean. A good thing about it is that it is very quiet. If you are not speaking into it, it will not make a single sound and it will even sound like no microphone is even on. That was a huge thing for us because we wanted to leave it on and not have to turn it off or unplug it in between speeches. So the fact that it is very quiet has helped us greatly by allowing us to just leave it on even if no one is at the podium to speak.