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Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 w/IOS - confusion - forum Studio & Home Studio

Sorry to start a new thread on an old topic but i can’t find my problem online.

I read that although not officially supported, many people can record multiple tracks at once, using these Scarletts with IOS IPads.

But when I connect all (correctly), I am having issues.

First, upon power up of Scarlett, the 1st channel’s INST light is on. And 2nd channel’s INST light remains off. HOW DO YOU ADJUST THIS? There is no hardware button on the Scarlett for this?! Can adjustments be done from IOS?

I want to do something so common: Connect two of the same mics, into channels 1&2, same level settings. And play/record at the same time. But right now, channel 1 is much louder and I can hardly even hear CH2.

As for 3 & 4 (front panel), I want these set for low-z active piezo pickups.

I made sure the iPad shows the 18i8 as the interface. And I made 4 tracks. And I have monitor on, for each track (Cubasis). So why am I not getting all 4 tracks to sound at once?

Do I need to connect this Scarlett to a computer first, to set something up? shouldn’t it just work (with Cubasis)?
Never mind

I called tech support and learned that to use these ‘unofficially“ (he he), before all will line up with an IOS device, one must connect these Scarlett’s to an actual computer (to adjust certain things).

Live and learn!


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